Systems Backup & Archive

Protect your data from disaster and retain

long-term archives with S3-compatible cloud storage at 1/5th the cost.

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Affordably Secure Your Entire Environment

Break free of expensive legacy storage with off-site backups and always-hot archives - all at cold storage rates.

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Fortify Your Continuity Plan

Maintain 3-2-1 compliant backups and archives - no need to cut retention periods or delete data due to costs.

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Eliminate Ransomware Threats

Enable Object Lock in 1 click for immutable ransomware protection. No extra cost or extra API fees.

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Protect Workloads In Minutes

Seamlessly integrate with your preferred software and hardware without vendor lock-in. Set-up in <20 minutes.

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Free Your Team’s Time

Spend up to 92% less time managing your data storage per independent, third-party analysis.

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Buy Your Way, Always Know What You’ll Pay

See how Backblaze B2 pricing gives real value at 1/5 the rates of AWS S3.

  • 100% flexibility for Opex needs
  • Scale up or down as needed
  • Credit card payment available
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Cloud Storage Cost and Savings Calculator

Compare how $6/TB/month stacks up.
Isn't math fun when it reveals how your budget could work harder?




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Lock down more value with B2 Reserve bundles with all-inclusive pricing.

  • 100% consistency for CapEx needs
  • Starts at 20TB
  • Includes data migration and premium support
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Protect All Your Data Systems

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More Than 500,000 Customers Trust Backblaze

Blaze Your Way to Better Disaster Recovery

Build a DR plan you can trust with solutions that maximize your RTOs and RPOs.

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Deploy Enterprise Grade Security

Rest easy on storage designed for 11 nines durability, data protections to your standards, and a 99.9% uptime SLA.

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Build Resiliency with Cloud Replication

Automatically copy data from one location to another for redundancy, compliance, and fast local access.

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Upgrade Your Architecture

Break away from complex, costly hyperscalers and cumbersome tape by migrating to Backblaze B2 - at no cost.

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Plan for Predictable Recovery Costs

Test and restore backups with 3x free egress. Immediately recover data without surprise fees or long wait times.

How It Works

Set up your cloud storage in 10 minutes.

  1. Create a Backblaze B2 account.
    Start for free so you can run a risk-free proof of concept. Reach out to our Sales Team to set up a custom POC if you have more than 50 TB of data to store.
  2. Connect your integration
    In your backup software, designate Backblaze B2 as your storage target—it’s easy with Backblaze Integration Guides. If you don’t have an integration already, see our recommendations here.
  3. Start backing Up
    Refine your settings to suit your needs and you're ready to go. You can make changes at any time.
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My organization maintains a lot of sensitive data. What safeguards does Backblaze offer to give us confidence in the security of its storage cloud?

The Backblaze Storage Cloud provides a range of security-related services to safeguard account access and the data within accounts. Backblaze, and our data centers, have received SOC 2 Type 2 certification. Key features and factors to keep your data secure include multi-factor authentication, Application Keys, access management controls, server-side encryption (SSE), and Object Lock. Data is stored to infrastructure designed for 11 nines durability and Backblaze data centers are equipped with best-in-class security features and staffed 24/7/365.

Many cloud providers have complicated storage pricing structures. How does Backblaze storage pricing work?

Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage pricing is made simple on purpose. You can expect always-hot cloud object storage free from complicated tiers, rate variances by region, and minimum file size and minimum storage duration requirements. B2 Reserve bundle customers enjoy services billed annually for one low price based on the capacity of their choosing. B2 Cloud Storage pay-as-you-go customers enjoy flexible, scalable storage at $6/TB/month. All customers enjoy free monthly egress up to 3X the data stored, with any additional egress priced at $0.01 per GB. Unlimited free egress is also available when downloading to many of our CDN and compute partners.

We use Veeam as our primary backup software. Does Backblaze B2 integrate with Veeam?

Backblaze is a Veeam Ready partner and certified Veeam Ready for Object with Immutability. With our S3 Compatible API, it’s easy to designate Backblaze B2 as your object storage repository and send your data to Backblaze B2 using either the direct-to-object functionality or the Scale-out Backup Repository. Also, for Veeam, Backblaze offers Cloud Instant Business Recovery, a fully-managed, on-demand DRaaS including bare metal servers and compute resources to support RTO needs.

We have strict compliance standards to adhere to as a HIPAA-covered entity. How does Backblaze secure our data?

Backblaze takes data security very seriously. We offer highly durable and secure storage with SOC 2-compliant data centers and SOC 2 certification as a company. You can learn more about our security standards here. Under HIPAA, Backblaze is a Business Associate to our business customers who are Covered Entities under HIPAA. We operate in compliance with HIPAA in this regard and will execute a Business Associate Agreement with customers who are Covered Entities under HIPAA.  Regarding the protected health information ("PHI") stored on your files, as outlined in our Privacy Notice, Backblaze does not access the content of the files you store with us. This means we will never see or access any of your patient's PHI. To learn more and to request a BAA, please visit this page.

Does Backblaze B2 offer lower-cost storage tiers for archival data?

Backblaze B2 is always-hot storage at cold storage prices. There are no tiers. You can store your archival data in Backblaze B2 for a similar cost as Amazon Glacier, with the added reassurance of knowing that you’ll be able to access your data when you need it - without any cold delays.

Want to run a free proof of concept for more than 50TB?

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