Backblaze B2 Cloud Replication

Automatically copy data from one location to another for redundancy, compliance, and fast local access.

Start Replicating for 2x Data Resiliency


Creates 2x backups for disaster recovery, compliance.

Faster Access

Proximity places data closer to teams for more local access.


Works automatically per rules you set via API or Web UI.

More Than 500,000 Customers Trust Backblaze

Setup Is as Easy as 1-2-3

Replicating your Backblaze data is easy and free—no service or egress fees—just the standard Backblaze B2 storage rates.

  1. Click “Cloud Replication” in the left-hand navigation of your Backblaze B2 account.
  2. Set up a replication rule including the buckets you want to copy from and to.
  3. Click to confirm and you’re ready to go—update or delete at any time.
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How Cloud Replication Works

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