Ransomware Readiness & Recovery

Increase protection from the evolving threat of ransomware with immutable backups and Instant Recovery.

Your Critical Business Requires Critical Preparedness

Protect Backups

Ransomware increasingly targets backups—Object Lock creates a virtual air gap, protecting data from modification, manipulation, or deletion due to bad actors or human errors.

Restore Systems On-Demand

Decrypting can take days or weeks after an attack—Instant Recovery accesses readily available backups and deploys infrastructure immediately, avoiding costly downtime and year-round investment.

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Veeam's data protection solution for cloud, virtual, and physical environments plus immutable backups from Backblaze offers ransomware protection in two clicks.

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Arq's streamlined, file-based backups for Macs and Windows PCs are encrypted and protected with Object Lock from Backblaze.

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Synology, QNAP, and TrueNAS' seamless synchronization between local NAS devices and Object Locked buckets in Backblaze B2 safeguards data from ransomware.

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Immutability through object lock reduces the chance of data loss, so our researchers can focus on what they do best: transformative scientific research.
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Instant Recovery Including Partner phoenixNAP

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Accelerate workloads with high performance, bare metal servers. CPU, GPU, or memory optimized.

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Tap on-demand capacity after a disaster—what you need when you need it. Spin up servers in 18 global locations.

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Pay only for compute power in use. Dedicated servers at a fraction the cost of Amazon EC2.

Instant Recovery in Any Cloud

If ransomware targets your business, seamless recovery is vital to business continuity. Prebuilt to help you rebound from attack faster, Instant Recovery offers on-demand, multi-cloud disaster recovery.

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How It Works


  1. Add Backblaze B2 as your backup repository, and add backup repos to the Scale Out Backup Repository in your Veeam console.
  2. Check the box to make your data immutable.
  3. Create Backups jobs to backup to Backblaze B2.


  1. Run a pre-configured Ansible playbook to provision servers in phoenixNAP
  2. Install and configure Veeam on your phoenixNAP Windows server.
  3. Recover the data directly to your phoenixNAP ESXi servers.

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By 2025, at least 75% of IT organizations will face one or more attacks.

"Detect, Protect, Recover: How Modern Backup Applications Can Protect You From Ransomware" (2021)

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