Because Employees Still Save and Work Files Locally

Extend backup protection to workforce computers—to mitigate loss risk and support compliance when productivity suites and sync tools don’t go far enough.

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Unlimited & Automatic

Lightweight Mac and PC clients back up all user data by default, without group members having to take action or tolerate slow-downs.

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Easy Admin & Restore

Single pane management, easily deployable at scale via admin console, with multiple restore options in the event of data loss or ransomware.

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Affordable & Predictable

Added protection for just $99/computer, with no surprise charges, plus monthly, yearly, or 2-year billing flexibility to suit your needs.

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Flexible Restore

Restore files to their original location via our restore app, or restore in place with no size limits.

30-day version history is standard for every business backup customer. Extend protection to one year for free or forever for just $0.006/GB/month to easily serve your organization's legal, compliance, and continuity requirements. Learn more about Extended Version History.

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Why Back Up Your Workstations?

1 laptop stolen every 53 seconds.

(Source: Squaretrade)

14% of companies’ endpoint backups are done at no regular interval.

(Source: Ponemon Institute)

75% of IT organizations will face one or more ransomware attacks by 2025.

(Source: Gartner)

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How to Do It With Ease.

  • 1

    Create a Backblaze Account with Groups enabled.

  • 2

    Create one or more Groups.

  • 3

    Invite members or deploy at scale—Mass Install makes it easy—and let the backups roll.

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How Backblaze Computer Backup is Different

Details that matter when you are protecting data that matters.

Price Per Year

Unlimited data backup per computer.

Automated, continuous backup
Data covered

All user-generated data will be backed up from computers and connected external drives.

All user data included by default

All user-generated data is protected and available when it comes time to restore.

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No restrictions on file type or size

Backup and restore without concern for file size or type.

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No restrictions on number of workstations

Backup and restore without concern that you’ll outgrow your solution.

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Native Mac and Windows clients–no Java or middleware

Built native to be reliable, and light on both system and disk.

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Centralized, web-based admin
SSO via Google and Microsoft

Available for all business accounts, offers security with fewer helpdesk calls and without asking Group users to remember a new password.

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Deployed directly or via tools including MSI Installer, JAMF, and Munki

Silent installation using MSI, JAMF, Munki, and more to deploy at scale in minutes.

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IT and end-user managed restores supported

Group admin privilege options for full management or just centralized billing on behalf of Group members.

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Flexible, centralized billing

Flexible billing with monthly, one-year, and two-year options, with newly added computer subscriptions pro-rated to keep all renewals on the same schedule.

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Full data restores
Web-based restores

Zip restores up to 500GB per request with ability to prepare multiple restores.

500 GB per request
Mailed hard drive restores free

Encrypted USB drive with your business data shipped worldwide, free upon return of the drive within 30 days.

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Secure from ransomware+
Encryption/private key encryption

Default 2048 bit public / private keys secure symmetric AES-128 key for all data; option to additionally encrypt all data with a private key.

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Two-factor authentication (SMS and ToTP)

Enhanced security through an added verification via text or phone call.

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Forever file version retention available

Extended version history offers optional Forever retention for an added fee.

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What are the deployment options for backing up workstations?

Deploying Backblaze Business Backup for workstations across your organization is easy. You can use mass deployment tools like MSI Installer, JAMF, Munki, and others to deploy Backblaze to many workstations at once. Backblaze also offers a single management pane where you can deploy the backup solution at scale.

How long will Backblaze keep my files?

Backblaze offers one year of version history by default. You can upgrade to forever version history for an additional fee.

What is the best strategy for backing up a computer?

One of the best ways to approach backup is to use the 3-2-1 data backup strategy. That means keeping three copies of your data, on two different media, and keeping at least one copy of your data off-site. You might keep on-premises data backups on network attached storage (NAS) or a local server. For off-site backup, a cloud data storage provider is a great choice because it is inherently scalable as your company grows and it’s accessible when you need it.

Is Backblaze compatible with Windows and Apple computers?

Yes. Backblaze has Mac and PC clients so that you can run automatic backups on all of your organization’s workstations.

Can I manage my backup users’ accounts from a centralized dashboard?

Yes. You can add and remove user accounts from a single dashboard using our Groups functionality.

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