Why innovative companies build on the Backblaze B2 cloud platform

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Performant & Secure

Save to always-hot, S3 compatible object storage with a 99.9% uptime SLA, and bolster BC/DR plans with encryption, durability, replication, and immutability.

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Stack Ease & Flexibility

Operate your way, easily - works seamlessly with most infrastructure and tools via API, CLI, and countless 3rd party integrations.

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Cost & Time Savings

Store and use your data more for less - with pricing ⅕ the cost of AWS S3, 3x free egress, and service found to cut data management time up to 92%.

Trusted by 100,000+ organizations

One Hot Service, Two Ways to Buy

How will you make the most of your infrastructure cost savings?


  • 100% flexibility for Opex needs
  • Scale up or down as needed
  • Billed precisely to the byte hour

B2 Reserve

Starts at
/20 TB/year
  • 100% consistency for Capex needs
  • Includes subsidized data migration and premium support
  • Volume and term discounts available

The right cloud storage solution for your needs



Build applications and run services with S3 Compatible APIs, SDKs, and CLI, with connected Compute and CDN.

Scale Development
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Safeguard data with reliable backup and archive for servers, VMs, NAS, M365, K8s, and more.

Protect Systems

Active Media Archive

Advance and share content within your existing workflows and preferred media management tools.

Optimize Production

Hundreds of Pre-built Integrations

Designed to deliver enterprise-grade security and compliance

Security-First Framework

Dial in protections with access management, data storage security, and architecture & physical controls. Top features include:

  • Encryption and server-side encryption (SSE)
  • Object Locks
  • Fine-grained API key control
  • Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) 
  • Multi-region data replication

Compliance Program Compatible

Fulfill your data storage, retention, and deletion policies and requirements with compliance supports including:

  • SOC 2 Type 2
  • StateRAMP Progressing Snapshot program
  • TX-RAMP Provisional Authorization
  • BAAs for HIPAA 
  • PCI DSS support
Adding Backblaze to our infrastructure allowed us to satisfy our insurance carrier’s requirements. We could prove that we’re maintaining immutable backups on third-party servers located across the country that comply with industry standards for data security.
Chris Hoiland

IT/Data Center Supervisor, AcenTek

Seamless Migration, Free

Backblaze’s Universal Data Migration service speedily moves large datasets securely into B2 Cloud Storage. And, with >50TB committed contracts and B2 Reserve annual capacity bundles, it's almost always free to you. That's right—with few exceptions, transfer and legacy vendor egress fees are on us.

B2 Cloud Storage Featured Offerings

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Cloud Replication

Automatically copy and store data in different locations by setting up replication rules for redundancy, compliance, and fast local access. It’s easy to configure and doesn’t incur service or egress fees.

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Powered by Backblaze

A suite of tools that allows you to deliver scalable cloud storage seamlessly to your customers, without any capital investment. Grow revenue while giving customers more value and data protection, seamlessly.

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My organization has a large amount of files that we need to access quickly and easily. How does Backblaze meet this need?

Backblaze offers specialized cloud storage that makes it astonishingly easy for businesses to store, use, and protect their data. The B2 Cloud Storage platform offers always-hot, S3 compatible object storage that’s readily available through APIs, ISVs, CLI, and web UI. With a tech stack agnostic approach that integrates with companies' existing workflows and preferred compute and CDN tools, the platform fits multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, and other IaaS strategies.

Does Backblaze B2 support hybrid cloud/multi-cloud infrastructure?

Yes, Backblaze B2 is often used within organizations’ hybrid cloud or multi-cloud infrastructure. You can easily integrate Backblaze B2 via API, CLI, or third-party software and/or hardware integration.

Is it possible to migrate my data from a legacy storage solution to Backblaze B2?

Yes, Backblaze offers Universal Data Migration to support moving or copying data from a range of sources, including legacy public cloud providers such as AWS, Google, and Microsoft, cloud drive services such as Google Drive and Box, on-premises servers, storage area network (SAN), and network attached storage (NAS), and LTO tape media. What’s more, Backblaze covers migration costs—yes, we take on the data transfer and egress fees—on committed contracts greater than 100TB and Backblaze B2 Reserve bundles, with the one caveat being that migration from a small set of source locations, for example pre LTO-6 tape media, may only qualify for partial subsidization given added costs and complexities. Rest assured we can discuss this with you so there are no surprises.

Why should I trust Backblaze with my data?

Backblaze has proven itself as a provider of tried and trusted cloud storage solutions since 2007. It has exabytes of customer data under management for respected organizations around the world. The company is also known for transparent business practices—ranging from a consistent pattern of sharing data that can improve our industry to our choice to operate as a publicly traded company (Nasdaq: BLZE). We have nothing to hide in our easy to adopt and easy to manage solutions, and in our affordable and straightforward pricing structures. 

How does Backblaze support sustainability?

Storing and using data is energy intensive–there’s just no way around this fact. However, by centralizing and optimizing data storage within our network of data centers, the Backblaze Storage Cloud operates more efficiently than distributed, on-premises systems storing the same volume of data. That said, the company understands that there is still more work to be done and is committed to a more sustainable future. Backblaze is acting accordingly to do its part and help B2 Cloud Storage customers reduce their carbon footprints and progress on their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) policies. Backblaze from its beginnings focused on building a sustainable business. We lead the industry with our learning—for more than 10 years, sharing data and insights from more than 200,000 spinning drives to help others globally to do better. Additionally, we’ve operationalized impact reduction, from supporting data lifecycle rules to help customers store selectively and thereby manage down energy consumption, to recycling decommissioned hardware including drives, to moving into our Stockton1 data center for river cooling, no water consumption, no water pollution, no chemical use, and projected carbon footprint approximately 30% below average.

Is Backblaze B2 compatible with third-party applications and integrations?

Yes, Backblaze B2 integrates seamlessly with thousands of hardware and software tools, likely including those you use in your workflow. Some examples of our Alliance Partners are Veeam, MSP360, Arq, rclone, Commvault, Veritas, iconik, LucidLink, Synology, Fastly, and Vultr. You can find a more extensive list of tested integrations here; and many more will work seamlessly with Backblaze B2 given its S3 compatibility.

How does Backblaze's 3x free egress work?

All Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage users enjoy free data egress (also known as download) up to 3x their average monthly storage amount. The monthly average is determined based on byte hours over the billing cycle, with total egress up to 3x the average provided free; any monthly egress overage is priced at $0.01/GB.

Want to run a free proof of concept for more than 50TB?

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