Unlimited computer backup

Backblaze automatically backs up all your files including documents, photos, music, and more. Unlimited files. Unlimited file sizes. It’s that easy.

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Restore rapidly

Download files for free or have them shipped on an external drive.

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Easy & automatic

Instantly start an account and have your files automatically backed up.

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Backup & archive

Back up all your attached external drives at no additional fee.

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Fast & smart

Intelligent throttle and threadings make backups fast. Check your speed.

Automatic, secure, and purpose-built backup applications

  • Native backup apps are light on computers
  • Backs up data by default for foolproof protection 
  • Optimized upload performance helps maintain your bandwidth

See how we compare

Backblaze Computer Backup packages the features you need at competitive, transparent prices.

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Your data is safe

Backblaze takes security seriously. All data is stored in our secure data centers with 24-hour staff, biometric security, and redundant power.

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Private key

Optional private encryption key means there’s only one way to unlock your backups.

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Encrypted protection

All your files are encrypted before being transmitted over SSL and stored encrypted.

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Native software

Backblaze’s code is native to Mac and PC and doesn’t use Java.

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Two-factor verification

Two-factor verification via ToTP and SMS is available for all Backblaze accounts.

Personalized data protection

Whether you want to set it and forget it or fine-tune your setup, Backblaze has you covered.

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Restore old versions up to 30 days, one year, or forever.

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Automatic or scheduled backups.

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Be notified of your backup status.

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Access your data anywhere

Access files through the web, or on iOS or Android. No matter where you are, your files will be with you.

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Simple Pricing. Unlimited Data.

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I have a limited internet connection so recovering large data backups is difficult. Do you have any other options?

Yes. You can access your backed-up data in three ways. It’s always free to download your data from the web, which is best for small data sets. You can also have all of your data shipped to you on a hard drive for a fee (the fee will be refunded if the drive is returned to us). In addition, you can access your data using our iOS and Android mobile apps.

How much does Backblaze Computer Backup cost?

Our Computer Backup service costs just $9 per month. Also, you can save $9 annually by signing up for an annual license, or save $27 when you sign up for a two year license. Have over 50 computers to back up? Reach out to our sales team for a customized quote.

If my computers are destroyed in a fire, flood, or other disaster, how do I access my backed-up data?

Losing your computers is a frustrating experience. To help you access your data quickly, you can recover your backed-up data through the web and mobile devices (iOS and Android are both supported).

How do I choose a cloud backup service?

Choosing a cloud backup service is an important decision to ensure the safety and accessibility of your data. A few things to keep in mind when researching cloud backup providers are the following: Do they have a good reputation, affordable pricing, great customer service, and a free trial period so you can try before you buy? Backblaze is one of the fastest and most affordable cloud backup services on the market.

I’m interested in backing up—can I take Backblaze Computer Backup for a test drive?

Certainly! Backblaze provides a 15-day complimentary trial for Computer Backup users, ensuring a commitment-free experience that doesn't require upfront credit card details. During this trial, you're free to perform unlimited backups while having full access to all of your stored data.

We make backing up and accessing your data astonishingly easy.

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