Cloud Storage Built for Data Security

Protect your business with enterprise-grade security features, tools, certifications, and growing layers of protection.

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Backblaze Cloud Storage Security Pillars

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Access Management Security

Create and manage object storage accounts and groups of users, and administer specific data access permissions with fine-grained API key control.

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Data Storage Security

Dial in for your needs with optional protection layers including server-side encryption, Object Lock, and Cloud Replication for redundancy across regions.

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Architecture & Physical Security

Store to infrastructure designed for 11 nines durability, certified for SOC 2 Type 2, and data centers equipped with best-in-class security features and staffed 24/7/365.

Adding Backblaze to our infrastructure allowed us to satisfy our insurance carrier’s requirements. We could prove that we’re maintaining immutable backups on third-party servers located across the country that comply with industry standards for data security.
Chris Hoiland
IT/Data Center Supervisor, AcenTek

Top Security Features & Factors Drill-Down

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Reporting Security Issues

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Suspicious Activity?
If you suspect the Backblaze storage cloud is being used for questionable activity, like someone using a Backblaze bucket as part of a phishing scheme, please help the community by reporting it.
Report Phishing
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Security Vulnerability?
If you believe you’ve found a security bug in our service, let’s work together to resolve it and reward you for your discovery. Our bug bounty program is open to the public and managed via Bugcrowd.
Report on Bugcrowd



How does Backblaze’s server-side encryption work?

Server-side encryption protects your data by encrypting it at rest before it is stored on disk within the Backblaze B2 storage cloud. It can be turned on for use with new and existing buckets, via API or web UI. You can choose SSE-B2 if you wish for Backblaze to manage encryption keys, or SSE-C if you wish to self-manage encryption keys.

What is Backblaze’s privacy policy?

We know privacy is important to you. It’s important to us, too. The Backblaze Privacy Notice describes how we collect and use your personal information, what we do with the information collected, and how you can exercise your privacy rights.

Does Backblaze B2 offer redundancy when storing data?

When you upload data to B2 Cloud Storage, your data is stored on a Backblaze Vault. Each file you upload is stored redundantly across multiple drives, in multiple servers, in multiple locations in our data center. For more details, see our blog post on Backblaze Vaults. If you wish to store data to multiple regions given your redundancy requirements, we recommend you consider the use of Cloud Replication to support doing so automatically.

Does Backblaze support the use of a Personal Encryption Key (PEK)?

Yes, PEK is available for all users. With a PEK, Backblaze cannot access your data, even in the case of a lost or forgotten password, subpoena, or any other event.

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