Fortify Kubernetes Data Protection

Safeguard your workloads and persistent volumes from data disasters and ransomware attacks with cost-effective cloud storage.

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Secure Your Kubernetes Backup for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

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Real-time Protection

With Backblaze B2, enjoy uninterrupted off-site protection, perfectly in sync with your ever-evolving Kubernetes deployments.

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Immutable Backups

Support business continuity, meet RTO objectives, and protect against ransomware with Object Lock for immutable backups.

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S3 Compatible API

Easily integrate with leading Kubernetes and container backup solutions by leveraging Backblaze B2’s S3 compatible API.

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Simple Pricing

Cut costs with always-hot cloud storage at ⅕ the cost of AWS S3, including free egress up to 3x your monthly stored data.

Works With Leading Kubernetes and Container Backup Solutions

Buy Your Way, Always Know What You’ll Pay

See how Backblaze B2 pricing gives real value at 1/5 the rates of AWS S3.

  • 100% flexibility for Opex needs
  • Scale up or down as needed
  • Credit card payment available
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Lock down more value with B2 Reserve bundles with all-inclusive pricing.

  • 100% consistency for CapEx needs
  • Starts at 20TB
  • Includes data migration and premium support
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Cost Savings
With Backblaze, we’ve been able to reduce our storage costs by 80% and our overall infrastructure costs by 65%.

Damian Gadziak

Founder & CTO, DevChain

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How to Get Started

Back up your Kubernetes Clusters to B2 Cloud Storage in a matter of minutes.

  1. Create a Backblaze B2 account.
    Get started free or contact us about running a large POC.
  2. Connect backup software.
    In your existing application, designate Backblaze B2 as your storage target–it’s easy with Backblaze Integration Guides.
  3. Start backing up
    Refine your settings to suit your needs, and you’re ready to go. You can make changes at any time.
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How secure is my data when stored in Backblaze B2?

The Backblaze B2 Storage Cloud is architected and designed with data security in mind. The key pillars of our security framework are enterprise-grade access management security, data storage security, and architecture & physical security. These include a wide range of administrative and technical controls, implemented at the enterprise, business process, and system levels, and attestations—so whether you’re seeking a platform designed for 11 nines of durability, encryption options, immutability, SOC 2 compliance, data replication, or just peace of mind, Backblaze is built for security.

How does B2 Cloud Storage integrate with Kubernetes backup solutions?

B2 Cloud Storage seamlessly integrates with leading Kubernetes backup solutions, using its S3-compatible API, facilitating easy setup and effortless K8s data protection. If your Kubernetes backup tools already utilize the S3 API, integration with Backblaze B2 should be straightforward with minimal code changes.

Does Backblaze B2 support backups from containers other than Kubernetes?  

Yes, Backblaze B2 is not limited to Kubernetes. It extends its compatibility to a wide range of container platforms. While Kubernetes is a prominent example, Backblaze B2 seamlessly integrates with various container backup applications such as HYCU, Cloudcasa, Commvault, Rubrik, Cohesity, and more. You simply need to designate Backblaze B2 as your storage target within your preferred container backup solution.

What Kubernetes components does Backblaze B2 support for backups?

Backblaze B2 offers comprehensive support for Kubernetes backups. It covers clusters, nodes, control planes, config data, and all other crucial Kubernetes components to help ensure thorough protection for your Kubernetes environment.

How does Backblaze B2 help ensure continuous protection for my dynamic Kubernetes deployments?

Backblaze B2 is designed to support the dynamic nature of Kubernetes environments. Whether you’re scaling up nodes, rolling out new services, or managing intricate configurations, Backblaze B2 helps ensure your Kubernetes deployments remain protected.

I currently use AWS S3 for cloud storage. How does Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage compare?

Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage offers always hot, highly performant, S3 compatible object storage at ⅕ the cost of AWS S3 without any hidden fees, minimum retention requirements, or vendor lock-in. Switching to Backblaze B2 can save you up to 80% of your AWS S3 bill.


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