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    This section is for documentation for third-party software that integrates with Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage. Third-party software partners may build integrations to extend user workflows to seamlessly work with Backblaze B2. Typical integrations are for backup, synchronization, file movement, and archive.

    Most integrations have their own license fees and costs. Backblaze recommends that you visit the websites for the integrations suggested below and research which one best fits your use case and budget.

    If you created a Backblaze B2 integration that you would like showcased in Backblaze B2 documentation, see our Integration Checklist. The checklist contains the guidelines you should follow in the development and testing of your Backblaze B2 integration. After you review the checklist and believe you comply with the items listed, you can submit your integration for approval. Backblaze reviews your application and if you are approved, your integration will be added to the Backblaze B2 integration page.

    The Backblaze B2 integration itself should be hosted and available for download from your public website or a well-known third-party website such as GitHub. The Backblaze B2 integrations page will point to that integration.

    Unsupported Integrations

    The following integrations and third-party services are currently not supported by Backblaze B2.

    Dragon Disk

    Dragon Disk is a powerful file manager for S3-compatible cloud storage solutions. 

    Dragon Disk cannot currently be configured with Backblaze B2 as it does not support v4 signatures. Only v4 signatures are supported in the Backblaze B2 S3-Compatible API


    Acrosync allows you to sync and back up files between computers and devices. Because Acrosync does not currently support the S3-Compatible API or the Native API, it does not work with Backblaze B2 at this time.

    If you need an rsync client that supports Backblaze B2, Backblaze recommends rclone.

    Jungle Disk

    Jungle Disk provides cloud storage connectivity, file sharing, and automatic backup solutions.

    Jungle Disk works with AWS S3; however, they do not support S3-compatible storage like Backblaze B2 because they do not allow you to specify the endpoint URL.

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