Universal Data Migration Service

Move large data sets from any source to Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage—at no cost to you.

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Truly Universal

Secure data mobility from all origins: public cloud, server, NAS, SAN, tape, and cloud drives.

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No Sweat

Simple, turnkey services with Solution Engineer support to help ensure easy success.

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Safe & Speedy

Proven to securely transfer millions of objects and petabytes of data, fast.

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No Cost to You

Backblaze covers fees on >50TB committed contracts and all sizes of B2 Reserve bundles.

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Backblaze Pays Egress and Transfer Fees

I thought moving my files would be the hardest part of the process, and it’s why I never really thought about switching providers before, but it was easy.

Tristan Pelligrino

Co-Founder, Motion

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How It Works

Backblaze has curated a set of integrated services for larger data migrations. Specifics will vary based on your infrastructure. Backblaze covers data transfer and any legacy vendor egress fees on >50TB committed contracts and all sizes of B2 Reserve bundles.

Cloud to Cloud

Reads from public cloud or cloud drive (i.e.: Amazon S3 or Google Drive) and writes to Backblaze B2 via inter-cloud bandwidth.

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On-Premises to Cloud

Reads from server, NAS, or SAN
and writes to Backblaze B2 over optimized cloud pipes or via Backblaze’s 96TB Fireball rapid ingest device.

LTO / Tape to Cloud

Reads tape media—from reel cassette to cartridges and more—and writes to Backblaze B2 via high-speed, direct connection.

Backblaze also supports simple internet transfers for moving files over your existing bandwidth—with multi-threading to maximize speed. Data migration on us. Offer is for migrations within U.S., Canada, and EU-Central regions.

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Universal Data Migration Case Studies

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