Reseller Starter Guide

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Backblaze for Business is how you provide Backblaze to both your business and residential customers.

To contact the Backblaze Partner team, email us at: [email protected]

Getting Started

Groups will allow you to centrally manage and pay for all of your customers. With Groups, your customer can have access to their data as well or you can just pay for the account and set it up so only the customer has access. You decide what the access privileges will be when you create the group. Groups will provide you the following capabilities:

  1. Management of all customers and devices from one place: Desktops, Laptops, Servers and NAS
  2. Organization of your business and residential customers by groups
  3. Ability for both you and your customers to manage restores and backups
  4. Monthly or annual billing
  5. Ability to buy licenses with no minimum requirements

How to get started with Groups

  1. Create a Backblaze account or use an existing one.
  2. Sign In, navigate to MY SETTINGS and check the box marked BUSINESS GROUPS.
  3. Start creating groups and sending invites to your customers.
  4. Send an email to [email protected] to register the the email address for your Business Groups address within three days in order to receive a 10% commission on Business Groups sales.

Payment for Business Groups

In order to get compensated for providing Groups to your business and residential customers, you must email [email protected] with the address you plan to use for managing your Groups account. You are required to provide the email address to us within three days from the time you activate your Groups account, otherwise payment will not be received.

Commissions are paid out quarterly. Once you have over $1000 in sales you will get a payment from from us for 10% of your sales. Tracking your sales in Groups is easy. Login to your account, navigate to the Billing section on the lower left and select Groups to see your sales organized by year.

The 10% commission is only received on Computer Backup sales and does not apply to Backblaze B2 which can be accessed from Groups but is billed separately.

Supporting Your MSP Customers with Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage

Backblaze B2 is the most affordable, high performance cloud storage available. B2 has a pay as you go model of $0.005/GB/Month (that’s just $5/TB/Month!) Here are all the pricing details as well as a cost calculator.

B2 offers the same service as Amazon S3, but at just ¼ of the price. While there is no commission program for B2, you are welcome to charge your customers at the rate of your choosing.

Unlike our Computer Backup product, there is no “Backblaze client” for B2. You can use B2 to backup servers and NAS by purchasing software from one of our partners: Here is pricing and set-up instructions for our partners Comet Backup and Cloudberry Labs.

Want to backup or sync a NAS?

If you use Synology Cloud Sync or QNAP Hybrid Backup Sync you can select B2 as your destination.

If you’re looking for NAS or Server backup with versioning and encryption, we recommend you use Cloudberry to backup your NAS.

How to manage your B2 customers with Backblaze Business Groups

  1. Get started with B2 by signing up here.
  2. Enable Business Groups.
  3. Create a separate Group for each customer.
  4. Invite your customer to join your Group and create an account for them using an invite link. Visit the Invite/Approve page to accept your customer into your Group.
  5. Create a B2 storage bucket for your customer. The bucket will be located within your customer’s account that you will manage with your Group. Here is the recommended hierarchy:
    • • Your Backblaze account
    •   • Customer Group
    •     • Customer account
    •       • Customer bucket
  6. Provide your B2 bucket name, account ID an application key to Synology, Cloudberry or Comet Backup in order to set B2 as your destination.
  7. Login to your Backblaze account. Go to Account/Billing/Groups to track your customer’s billing in order to determine how much you want to charge them separately,

If you have questions, you can contact our Support Team by email or chat. Thanks again for your interest in Backblaze. We are looking forward to working with you!