Create a Group
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    Create a Group

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    You can create a group for an existing Backblaze Computer Backup account.

    To create a new account with a group enabled, click here.

    Create a Group for an Existing Account

    Before you begin: You must enable Business Groups for your account.

    1. Sign in to your Backblaze account.
    2. In the left navigation menu under Business Groups, click Group Management.
    3. Click Create a New Group, and enter a name for your group.
      Backblaze recommends that you use a naming convention that identifies the group members who are in a specific group, for example, “Initech Staff."
      You can add products to a group at any time, but after you add them, you cannot remove them.
    4. Select your administrative privileges.
      After you create a group, you cannot change this setting.
      1. Select On to enable managing rights including accessing Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage content, creating restores, and changing account settings.
      2. Select Off to enable group administrators to pay for Backblaze services, but they cannot view or restore files, delete a backup, or change account settings on a group member's behalf.
    5. Click Create Group.
    6. Enter your payment information and click Purchase, or click Skip Payment & Try for Free and continue with the 10 GB of free storage that comes with your account.
      You do not need to enter any information to skip this step.
    7. To finish creating your group, click I'll Invite Later.

    Your new group is displayed on the Group Management page.

    For accounts with Computer Backup enabled, Backblaze can trigger emails to group admins including regular summaries of all of the backups in their group. You can choose to have the User Stats CSV report attached to this automatic email. This report can be accessed and downloaded at any time by visiting the Users/Computers page within the “Business Groups” menu on your Account Overview page.

    If you are interested in being charged with an invoice or other methods, contact the Backblaze Sales team for more information.

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