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    Backblaze Groups

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    The Backblaze Groups feature lets you manage, pay for, and administrate several users. Groups allow several people to have individual accounts that all fall under one credit card and renew on the same date. If the Group is managed, the administrators also have access to manage user's accounts, create restores, and perform any action a user can typically perform on their account. Groups is a great feature for all sizes of business or families who want to be able to manage payment for multiple members.

    A Group can contain:

    • 10,000 accounts

    Accounts can contain:

    • Up to 100 Backblaze B2 buckets
    • Up to 1,000 Backblaze Computer Backups

    If you are a small business and you want to manage all of your computers under one account, or you do not have a need for multiple users, then a Group is not necessary.

    You do not need a Group to back up a computer that you use for business reasons because the Backblaze Computer Backup service installs easily on any Mac or PC. If you need to back up a server or network-attached storage (NAS), view our Backblaze B2 Integrations for options such as MSP360 or Synology.

    You can create a Group, invite members to your Group, and manage your Group in the Backblaze web UI.

    Additionally, administrators can use Backblaze Enterprise Control to manage Backblaze Computer Backup for your organization. Enterprise Control lets you control a group member's backed-up data, as well as which options that group members can control, such as restoring and removing backups.

    Group Types

    You can select the following options when you create a Group:

    • Backblaze Service
      Group members can use the following services:
      • Backblaze Computer Backup
      • Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage
      • Both Computer Backup and B2 Cloud Storage
    • Managed or Unmanaged
      Group Administrators can select the following levels of oversight over a member’s Backblaze account:
      • Managed: Administrators can “manage” a member’s Backblaze account, including: browsing data; creating restores; and updating account information for a user. A user must “opt-in” by acknowledging the administrative rights to join a Managed Group.
      • Unmanaged: Administrators are responsible for paying for the Backblaze service that the Group provides, but they are otherwise unable to manage a member’s account.
    • Restrictions
      When you create a Group, you can select how you want members to join that group:
      • Restricted: Administrators must invite users through an email or a unique invitation link. Anyone who attempts to join the group must be accepted by the Administrator.
      • Automatically Accepted Domains: Anyone within a certain domain (for example, is automatically accepted into the Group. Anyone else who attempts to join must be accepted by the Administrator.
      • Automatic Approval Policy: Anyone with the unique invitation link can join the Group without Administrator approval.

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