Backblaze Release 4.2.0

By | August 25th, 2016


Introducing release 4.2 for Backblaze Personal Backup and Backblaze Business Backup clients. This is a relatively minor release, but there are a few visual changes to the client, so we wanted to give it a new release number.

What’s New:

  1. Inherit Backup State – we change the terminology for this feature in our previous release, but we have now also added the Inherit Backup State functionality into the client itself. You can find it by opening “Settings” in the Backblaze Control Panel. Read more about this feature on the Inherit Backup State knowledge base article.
  2. Exclusions – as indicated in release 4.1, we have given users more access to our exclusions lists, giving advanced users a bit more control over their backups. Additionally, exclusions now work across all attached drives. This resulted in some confusion in the field, so we’ve added more verbiage to the client’s exclusions section to make the exclusions a bit more clear. You can read all about it on our Exclusions Settings knowledge base articles for Mac and Windows.
  3. Performance – with the exclusion changes, indexing speeds can be ~100% faster. Lessening resource usage on the computer and improving overall performance.

Supported Platforms:
Version 4.2 can be installed and is supported on the following operating systems:

  1. Mac OS 10.6 or higher
  2. Windows XP (32-bit)
  3. Windows Vista (32 & 64-bit)
  4. Windows 7 (32 & 64-bit)
  5. Windows 8 (32 & 64-bit)
  6. Windows 10 (32 & 64-bit)

Release Version Number:
Mac – 4.2.0
PC – 4.2.0

Backblaze Personal Backup
Backblaze Business Backup


Upgrade Methods:

  • Immediately when performing a “Check for Updates” (right click on the Backblaze icon and then select “Check for Updates”).
  • Immediately as a download from:
  • Immediately as the default download from:
  • Auto-update will begin in a couple of weeks.

Free as an update for all Backblaze customers and active trial users.

For any questions please contact Backblaze support at:



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  • Andy Youstic

    Sadly, still no Linux support. Been asking for three years. It’s kind of ironic that Windows XP is still supported but Linux has no support. I guess backblaze doesn’t want to make a boatload of money by becoming a cheaper, direct competitor of Crashplan. What I don’t understand is that they already have OSX support….Linux isn’t exactly an unobtainable target.

    • BriMat

      Honestly, if you’re using Linux FT there’s a ton of other ways to do backups. Linux isn’t windows and it definitely isn’t OSX.

      • Andy Youstic

        Thanks for the reply. With respect,there are MANY different ways to backup for MANY different kinds of operating systems, so this reply really isn’t relevant to my post. The point is backblaze doesn’t have Linux support. Period.

  • Davison Long

    I agree with some others that it is crazy to make all folder exclusions apply to ANY drive. You advertise this feature as though it is better for advanced users, but it is a huge step backward for users who want to exclude specific folders on specific drives. It’s fine to add a wildcard as an option if a user wants an exclusion to apply to all drives, but removing the option to specify an exclusion for a specific drive will be horrible for users with multiple drives that very likely will contain folders of the same name.

    It doesn’t immediately affect me because I stopped using Backblaze two months ago after having some other major performance problems. But if I was still using this it would have majorly screwed up all my very specific exclusions. I came to read about the new features hoping I might be able to start using Backblaze again (as one of those advanced users) only to find further steps backward.

    Here are the things needed to really make it compatible with “advanced” users:
    1) Restore the ability to exclude folders/files by specific drives.
    2) Fix the indexing problems by completely refactoring how you index files so you don’t have issues parsing insanely huge files. Maybe start with one index file per drive?
    3) Just as important, allow advanced users an option to create the
    exclusion list BEFORE a new install scans the computer for the first
    time. This could also help with the indexing problems.
    4) Use the technology you already have in the “inherit backup state” feature to allow file checksums to be compared even outside of the inherit backup state option. In other words, I see no reason that you can’t still make things more efficient for a user that might have multiple computers with some of the same files. Or even for a single computer that gets a “fresh” install of Backblaze, if there are already older files that have been uploaded previously why not use the same checksum process to speed things up?

    • Davison Long

      @YevP:disqus Would you care to comment on any of the issues I raised? I hope Backblaze will want to have a dialog with users who have more than just very basic backup needs. As I mentioned, I’m not currently using Backblaze due to several issues (though I’m still paying for it and my wife is using it). I *want* to start using it again, but can’t until at least some of the issues I mentioned are resolved.

      • Hi Davison! I doubt we’d address all your concerns, but if you have feedback for feature our support team keeps track of those and we use them to chat about policy or product changes every once in a while. If you ping them -> with your concerns and your thoughts about the exclusions, they can add them to the list for the next time they bring up product features.

        • Davison Long

          I will certainly send the info to the support team. I hope to be able to start using the software again at some point but for my needs it just doesn’t work at the moment. A couple of the things I mentioned would definitely be pretty easy to implement (like allowing exclusions to be set before an initial scan and bringing back the option to exclude specific folders on specific drives).

  • erite

    I’m moving to linux and will be sad if that means I’ll have to discontinue backblaze.

  • Martin Greenwood

    Good work guys – this app is amazeballs.

  • Wil

    I’m honestly astounded that I’ve come here to the comments and don’t see a single weed joke.

    • Steve Moraco

      Me too!!! Inconceivable!

  • wmbb

    Hello Yev,
    One thing that is annoying me for years with the Windows Backblaze Personal Backup software is that each time I add or remove a new internal drive (Not C: !) in my computer, it removes the exclusion list of all drives without telling the customer ! ;( This is not fair and it is making me mad ! At least let us keep that exclusion list for the same drives automatically OR allow in some way to export the list as a text file OR at least tell us each time it is removed !
    Thanks in advance

    • wmbb

      Just tested the new version which adds the stupid feature : ” exclusions now work across all attached drives. “. Too bad for those that have the same folder name on different drives. Now you can’t exclude only one in all drives or in none ! I just can’t believe you did that ! ;(

    • This same thing occurs for me as well and it’s incredibly frustrating as all the exclusions I’ve configured to my C drive disappear when I add another drive to backup. I have to re-exclude all the items another time!

  • DarkDll

    Still bad translation (at least in Spanish) please do a collaborative translation, i would like to help having Backblaze in my language correctly.

  • Athijeff

    Sorry to be a negative Nelly, but this posting needs some revising. Check for tense of verbs, comma splices, and phrases that aren’t parallel.

    • I tend to use a lot of commas. You know what they say: “Better commas than sorry!”