Scheduled Maintenance

Even the best systems require a little tweak now and then...

Backblaze Scheduled Maintenance Window

  • Every Thursday
  • 11:30 am to 1:30 pm Pacific Time

Backblaze performs regular maintenance with the aim to consistently improve our systems and services.

Most customers will not be affected during this maintenance due to the distributed nature of the systems being serviced. For example, Computer Backup uploads and most B2 Cloud Storage operations (ie: uploads, downloads, listing, key creation) will function normally.

Within the maintenance window, some customers may experience interruptions of five to 15 minutes in the following areas:

  • Web Interface
    Website sign-in
    New account creation
  • Computer Backup
    Data restore and recovery (requires website sign-in)
    Backups may sleep temporarily when starting a new session
    Sign-in via installers, downloader apps, and mobile apps
  • B2 Cloud Storage
    Bucket creation, deletion, and updating via API
    B2 Snapshot creation (requires website sign-in)

On rare occasions, Backblaze may perform system maintenance that will impact the above-mentioned areas for more than 15 minutes. We strive to provide advanced notice and updates on the timing of such maintenance via our Twitter channel, blog and/or other communications channels. If you believe a Backblaze service is "down" outside of a regular maintenance window, please submit a ticket to Backblaze customer support.

Why do we schedule regular maintenance during business hours?
Because we serve customers that operate 24/7 in 175 countries, maintenance will take place during someone's business hours no matter when we schedule it. As such, we've selected a time when we can be as quick and effective as possible with ready access to most of our Engineering and Cloud Operations teams as needed.

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