Backblaze and Dropbox: Complementary Cloud Services

Dropbox and Backblaze

We’ve talked before about the difference between online storage and online backup. One of the most popular online sharing services is Dropbox. Many of us have both Dropbox and Backblaze installed side by side on the same computer. How do they work together to keep your computer data protected? Let’s take a look. What is….

Don’t Trust the Cloud Alone: Think 3-2-1

3-2-1 Backup

It may sound contradictory coming from someone whose livelihood is based on the cloud, but I think trusting the cloud alone with the information that’s important to you can be a mistake. You can avoid it with the 3-2-1 Backup Strategy. Let me explain. I love music. I bought a lot of audio CDs back….

Hiring a VP of Marketing

Backblaze Marketing is Hiring

Backblaze is looking to hire a VP of Marketing. I find that both exhilarating and frightening. Why frightening? Because I’ve played the role since the inception of the company, it would be our first non-founder executive hire, I really want to make sure that we hire that magical person who would be perfect for this….

Wanted: Java Programmer

Backblaze Jobs

Want to work at a company that helps customers in over 150 countries around the world protect the memories they hold dear? A company that stores over 200 petabytes of customers’ photos, music, documents and work files in a purpose-built cloud storage system? Well here’s your chance. Backblaze is looking for a Java Programmer! You….

Wanted: Windows Client Programmer


Backblaze is hiring and we need a Windows Client Programmer to join our Engineering team! Want to help us grow and continue on as a leader in cloud storage? Check out the job description and the steps to apply below! Job Description: This person will add features and fix bugs in the desktop and laptop….

How to use multiple hard drives with Time Machine

Time Machine

Apple’s Time Machine software helps you create a backup of your Mac hard drive. What if something happens to the external drive you’re using for the Time Machine backup? If you’re following our 3-2-1 Backup Strategy then you’ll be protected, but you can do more, too. How about using multiple backup drives with Time Machine?….