Elliott Finds Home as a Senior Sysadmin!


Elliott comes to us from Facebook as a referral by Chuck, who was referred to us by…Elliott! Life is cyclical after all! Elliott’s already hit the ground running and is already all up in our systems. Like Chuck he likes car racing, and he just happens to be our first Mountain Dew drinker in the….

The Hardware Inside B2 Cloud Storage – Storage Pod 5.0

Storage Pod 5.0

A couple of months ago we gave you a sneak peek as we designed and prototyped our next generation Storage Pod. We’re done, and Storage Pod 5.0 is here and it is faster, beefier, easier to assemble, easier to maintain, and less expensive than Storage Pod 4.5. It is also the hardware that enables us….

Marjorie Joins the Engineers


With the upcoming release of Backblaze B2, we are staffing up our engineering team. The latest addition is Marjorie Ready! She’s working remotely out of Madison, Wisconsin, bringing the total number of people at Backblaze that know about New Glarus Brewing Company to 3 (Candace, Marjorie, and myself). Marjorie comes to visit the Backblaze office….

Have You Tested Your Backup Lately?

Testing Your Backup

Everyone should be backing up, right? Sure. Backups, though, aren’t important. If you want to get your data back, the thing you should be worried about is the restore. Can you restore your data? A backup you can’t restore data from is worthless. Don’t assume no news is good news from your backups. You test….

Natasha Joins Backblaze For Business


Our Backblaze for Business team has been growing lately and the latest addition to the team is Natasha! She’s been working with Backblaze ever since 2011, but mostly remotely and always behind the scenes, usually manning our social accounts. Well, we needed some help for our Backblaze for Business team and she fit right in!….

Welcome Chuck: Our Datacenter Expert


Some say that all things in life are cyclical. Backblaze pioneered DIY server architecture on a large scale with the Backblaze Storage Pods. This in turn spurred Facebook to start their Open Compute Project. This led to them having top-notch Datacenter teams. And now that leads to Chuck Goolsbee joining the Backblaze team after running….

Back To Our Future


As you’ve probably already read, today is that day. October 21st, 2015. The day Marty McFly and Doc Brown travel to the future to help the McFly descendants. If you haven’t seen the Back To The Future series, I highly recommend it (though to many people’s dismay I like the third film, the western, best)…..