Don’t Build a Billion-Dollar Business. Really.

Stack of Money

The better goal? Keep your head down, make a great product, and build a successful business. Silicon Valley prays at the altar of the billion-dollar business. And for good reason: These companies define industries, give the founders so-called “F-you money,” and provide VCs with a return that can counterbalance a dozen lousy investments. I don’t….

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Designing the Next Storage Pod

Backblaze Labs Storage Pod Design

Tim holds up a drive beam and shows the design to Matt who is attending the meeting courtesy of a telepresence robot. They are discussing the results of a prototype Storage Pod developed using Agile development methodology applied to hardware design. The Storage Pod they are discussing was the result of the fifth sprint (iteration)….

TurboTax Ends Backup to Cloud Service

Cloud Backup

In early 2015 a limited number of customers who used the TurboTax® desktop software were offered the opportunity to save their 2014 tax returns in the Turbo Tax cloud – for free. In early July, TurboTax decided to end their “Backup to Cloud” pilot program and sent those users an email notifying them that the….

5 Dorm Life Tips From a Resident Assistant

Dorm Flood

College student or a parent of one? Here are 5 things you may want to think about before heading out to the dorms. My qualifications? I was a Resident Assistant in college, spending 3 years taking care of a co-ed floors with 70+ residents. It was hard work, but I learned a lot in the….

How to Use Free Cloud Storage and Unlimited Online Backup Together

The 4 Layers of Data Backup

Where do you store your files? This has become a modern dilemma, thanks to the proliferation of online storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive and online backup services like Backblaze. Using multiple services offers additional protection for your precious data, but you don’t want your files scattered everywhere either. Here’s my layered approach for….


Samsung 16TB SSD

It was reported today by Ars Technica UK, Slash Gear and others that Samsung is introducing a 16TB SSD. The world’s largest hard drive was unveiled at the Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, California. What’s even more amazing is the 2.5″ form factor – it would fit in your laptop. Before you run out….

Backblaze Labs: Center for Hardware Design

Backblaze Labs

In September 2009 Backblaze introduced and open sourced our Storage Pod 1.0 design. Storage Pod 1.0 was the result of an iterative yet informal design process where ideas were designed, built, tested, and evaluated in a matter weeks and sometimes days. Rapid iteration was key, but over time, with each major Storage Pod release, rapid….

World-traveler Kendall Settles In…tern


The summer is coming to a close but we decided to add another intern in to the mix. Kendall is joining us for a few weeks to work on a few “special ops” projects before heading back the U.K. to finish off her last year of boarding school. Kendall loves to travel, and we’re happy….