How Heavy is the Backblaze Cloud?

Backblaze Cloud

The question “How heavy is the Backblaze Cloud?” came up in a marketing meeting one Monday afternoon. “One million pounds,” someone guessed, “A hundred thousand pounds,” someone else said trying to sound sure. The truth is we had no idea. “Well, how much does a real cloud weigh?” someone else asked, and at that point….

macOS 10.12 Sierra Upgrade Guide

Backing Up before Sierra

Apple on Tuesday released macOS Sierra 10.12. It’s a free upgrade, and many Mac users around the world will rush to install it. If you plan to join the crowd, please make sure to back up your computer before you do. Your data should be safe no matter what happens. Backblaze is here to help….

Tony Joins The Support Squad


As we continue to grow, so does our support team! The latest addition is Tony, who’ll be joining us as a Junior Tech Support Technician. He’ll be helping folks make sure their backups are up and running as expected! Lets get to know Tony a bit better shall we? What is your Backblaze Title Junior….

Bulletproof Backups for Any Budget

Bullet Proof Backups

Peace of mind comes from knowing your data is backed up. But how do you know your backup is safe? Step one is to have a strategy. Step two is to have storage that can stand up to abuse. Step three is to make sure the data is safely offsite. Combining a battle-ready hard drive….

Hey, Mac and iOS users: Make sure to back up before you upgrade!

Backing Up before Sierra

Editor’s note: This article was originally published over the summer as a guideline for those dabbling with Apple’s public betas. It’s been updated to reflect the upcoming release of the new Mac and iOS versions. New versions of Apple’s operating systems are coming to your iPhone and Mac later this month! iOS 10 will be….

Backing Up for Small Business


Labor Day weekend and the end of summer is here. It’s an opportunity to raise our glasses to working people including us. If you’re a small business owner or you’re responsible for data backup at a small business, make sure to take some time to back up your essential data before donning the flip-flops and….

Can You Predict When Backblaze Will Hit 20 Billion Files Restored?

HP_20 billion

Calling all psychics, mystics, soothsayers, and fortune tellers (or just those who are really good at analyzing trends), can you predict when Backblaze will restore its 20 billionth file? Last March, we announced that 10 billion files had been restored. We’re quickly approaching the next big milestone: 20 billion! It took us seven years to….