Hard Drive Reliability Stats for Q1 2015

Hard Drive Reliability Statistics

Over the past year we’ve been releasing hard drive reliability statistics based on the drives we use to store customer data for our online backup business. As of the end of Q1 2015 we had 44,252 hard drives spinning in our datacenter. If we subtract boot drives and drive models with less than 45 drives….

A Look at Backblaze’s Toshiba Hard Drives

Toshiba Hard Drives

Over the past year or so we’ve covered the virtues and vices of nearly all the different hard drives we use in our Backblaze Storage Pods. From HGST to Seagate to Western Digital hard drives, we’ve charted drive hours, plotted failure rates, reported on drive temperature and more. The one missing brand: Toshiba. We’ve had….

Backblaze Release 4.0.2


Release Date: 5/12/2015 Version 4.0.2 Backblaze version 4.0.2 is out today! The latest Backblaze version is also becoming the minimum version of Backblaze that you can use. As part of this a dialog has been added to the installer to protect against older installers being launched (they will now direct you to download the latest….

Mommy, Where Do Pods Come From?


Stop us if you’ve heard this: “Mommy? Where do pods come from?” It’s a question that’s been asked for years, and until now the response has been a convoluted one. For Mother’s Day, we’re going to give moms everywhere the ammunition they need to answer this difficult question. “Where do pods come from?” So where….

Julie Weaves Her Way in to Backblaze


We keep hiring like crazy over in the operations department, and our newest Datacenter Tech is Julie! We knew Julie would be a great fit because even before getting hired she built a gorgeous Backblaze pod during her interview. Not only was it aesthetically pleasing, but it powered up reliably in its first test, and….

Our 6TB Hard Drive Face-Off Revisited

6TB Hard Drive Comparison

A few months back we published our initial evaluation of 6TB drives, comparing Seagate (model ST6000DX000) and Western Digital (WD60EFRX). Both drives performed well in our evaluation of 45 drives each, but we wanted to see if the results held up as we scaled the quantity of drives. We now have 450 Seagate and 495….

Usually Red Backblaze Going Green

3 electric cars charging.

It’s Earth Day! While Backblaze tends to make everything red (like our storage pods), we do have a bit of a green streak in us as well. Over the last few years Backblaze employees have amassed quite an assortment of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. All told, 25% of the employees in our San Mateo….

SMART 22 is a Gas, Gas, Gas

Backblaze Helium Pod

We recently filled a Backblaze Storage Pod with 45 HGST Ultrastar® He8 hard drives. For the uninitiated, these are 8TB drives filled with Helium. The Helium, so says the literature, allows the drives to run cooler and quieter, and reduces power consumption. When we wire up a new hard drive model into our infrastructure, one….