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Improve your media production, content delivery, and media archival workflow by leveraging digital management tools and the cloud.

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Learn how cloud storage, MAMs, and CDNs can improve your media production workflows.

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Learn more about ways to save production costs and confidently archive and back up your video and photography projects with Backblaze B2’s media workflow guides, resources, and solutions.


Media Workflow FAQs

Save time and money with cloud storage that seamlessly integrates with your media workflows.

While a DAM system can manage video assets and a MAM system can manage images and documents, MAM is designed for creating and managing content in a video production workflow. That means metadata creation and management, application integrations, and workflow composition are all video-oriented.

Getting your assets into a media asset management (MAM) system will make your library much easier to navigate. A MAM automatically extracts all of the assets’ inherent metadata, helps move files to protected storage, and makes them instantly available to MAM users. 

Media workflows can work with cloud-native solutions or integrate the cloud with existing on-premises infrastructure without additional hardware and maintenance. By adding cloud storage to your existing local media workflow, media teams have fast, on-premises storage for active projects combined with the scalability of a public cloud to accommodate the large amounts of data media teams generate.

Archiving your video projects can save you space on production storage and help you permanently secure source files and raw footage. A cloud data storage provider like Backblaze is an excellent option for video archives with straightforward pricing that is far more affordable than Amazon S3.