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How much do you think it costs your creative team to manage data? How much time and money is spent organizing files, searching for files, and maybe never finding those files? Have you ever quantified it? One market research firm has. According to GISTICS, a creative team of eight people wastes more than $85,000 per year searching for and managing files—and larger teams waste even more than that.

Creative teams need better tools to work smarter. Backblaze has partnered with Quantum to simplify media workflows, provide easy remote collaboration, and free up on-premises storage space with seamless content archiving to the cloud. The partnership provides teams the tools needed to compete. Read on to learn more.

What Is Quantum?

Quantum is a data storage company that provides technology, software, and services to help companies make video and other unstructured data smarter—so data works for them and not the other way around. Quantum’s H4000 Essential (H4000E) asset management and shared storage solution offers customers an all-in-one appliance that integrates automatic content indexing, search, discovery, and collaboration. It couples the CatDV asset management platform with Quantum’s StorNext 7 shared storage.

How Does This Partnership Benefit Joint Customers?

By pairing Quantum H4000 Essential with Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage, you get award-winning asset management and shared storage with the ability to archive to the cloud. The partnership provides a number of benefits:

  • Better organization: Creative teams work visually, and the Quantum platform supports visual workflows. All content is available in one place, with automatic content indexing, metadata tagging, and proxy generation.
  • Searchable assets: All content and projects are searchable in an easy to use visual catalog.
  • Seamless collaboration: Teams can use production tools like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, and others to work on shared projects as well as tagging, markup, versioning, chat, and approval tools to streamline collaboration.
  • Robust archive management: Archived content can be restored easily from Backblaze B2 to CatDV to keep work in progress lean and focused.
  • On-premises efficiency: Once projects are complete, they can be quickly archived to the cloud to free up storage space on the H4000E for high-resolution production files and ongoing projects.
  • Simplified billing: Data is stored on always-hot storage, eliminating the management frustration that comes with multiple tiers and variable costs for egress and API calls.

Purchase Cloud Capacity the Same Way You Purchase On-Premises

With Backblaze B2 Reserve, you can purchase capacity-based storage starting at 20TB to pair with your Quantum H4000E if you prefer a predictable cloud spend versus consumption-based billing. Key features of B2 Reserve include:

  • Free egress up to the amount of storage purchased per month.
  • Free transaction calls.
  • Enhanced migration services.
  • No delete penalties.
  • Upgraded Tera support.

Who Would Benefit From Backblaze B2 + Quantum H4000E?

The partnership benefits any team that handles large amounts of data, specifically media files. The solution can help teams with:

  • Simplifying media workflows.
  • Easing remote project management and collaboration.
  • Cloud tiering.
  • Extending on-premises storage.
  • Implementing a cloud-first strategy.
  • Backup and disaster recovery planning.
  • Ransomware protection.
  • Managing consistent data growth.

Getting Started With Backblaze B2 and Quantum H4000E

The Quantum H4000E is a highly-integrated solution for collaborative shared storage and asset management. Configured with Backblaze B2 for content archiving and retrieval, it provides new menu options to perform cloud archiving and move, copy, and restore content, freeing up H4000 local storage for high-resolution files. You can easily add on cloud storage to improve remote media workflows, content collaboration, media asset protection, and archive.

With the H4000E, everything you need to get started is in the box, ready to connect to your 10GbE and higher network. And, a simple Backblaze B2 archive plugin connects the solution directly to your Backblaze B2 account.

Simply create a Backblaze account and configure the Backblaze CatDV panel with your credentials.

Join Backblaze at NAB Las Vegas

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