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Server data is critical for your business to run effectively but protecting your data can be challenging. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of resources to help optimize and protect your server data.

Learn how to create a server backup strategy and disaster recovery plan for your server data. Plus much more.

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Server Backup FAQs

Learn how to create a server backup strategy and disaster recovery plan for your server data.

A server backup means making a copy of your server’s data. For example, you might have a company server with your corporate email, accounting records, and customer service information. A server backup differs from backing up a single PC because a server backup often involves a much larger volume of data, and server data is critically important to multiple people across the organization.

Backing up your entire server is easy when you have the right technology. Regarding technology, choose a backup software app that lets you manage backup data like Veeam. It is also essential to choose a data storage service to hold your backup data, like Backblaze, that is fast and reliable.

Take a moment to consider all the data your organization’s servers store. Your company’s digital archives – records of past projects, emails, calendars, and project details are all stored there. If that data was lost due to an accident, fire, or attack, your organization would suffer lost productivity and may not be able to serve your customers effectively. It is wise to back up your server’s data regularly to minimize disruption.

There are several ways to back up a Windows server. One of the most accessible options is to use Windows Server Backup. Start by checking if you have Windows server backup installed. If you don’t have it installed, use the Microsoft instructions to install it. Once you have Windows Server Backup installed, you must decide where to store your backup data. It is best to have multiple copies of your server backups, including one on a remote service like Backblaze.

The best way to backup a Veeam server is to use the Veeam agent. As with backing up a Windows server, you must choose where to store your Veeam server backup data. Since your server contains important data, making multiple backups as described in the 3-2-1 Backup strategy is often wise. This means making three copies of your data: two copies on-site and one copy offsite using a service like Backblaze.