Simple Cloud Object Storage

Scale applications and distribute services globally with S3-compatible cloud storage.

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Purpose-built for Accelerated Development

Set up in minutes and get to work with S3-compatible and native APIs, SDKs, and CLI.
Architected for availability and performance to handle developer workloads.
Seamlessly connect to leading CDN and compute services for better data mobility.
SSE, CORS rules, and other security features to protect your data and applications.
Get Started—10GB Free
Integrate With

“The combination of Cloudflare and Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage saves Nodecraft almost 85% each month on the data storage and egress costs versus Amazon S3.”

James Ross
Co-founder / CTO, Nodecraft

Storage That Saves Budget

Tier-free, $5/TB/month with free egress through CDN and Compute partners. No hidden fees, no delete penalties.
Amazon S3 Storage Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage
Storage ($/GB/Month)
$0.021 GB/Month
$0.005 GB/Month
76%+ lower cost
Download ($/GB)
$0.05 GB/Month
$0.01 GB/Month
80%+ lower cost
Get Started—10GB Free

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