Cloud Storage for Developers

Scale applications and distribute services globally while reducing cloud storage costs and complexity.

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Accelerate and Scale Development

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On-demand Media

Store and globally deliver your
bandwidth-intensive media
applications with ease.

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E-commerce Platforms

Improve site performance and shopping experience while supporting user base growth.

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Mobile Applications

Manage, build, and store real-time application data in the cloud
at scale.

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Gaming Platforms

Scale and manage gaming
resources to create better
user experiences.

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Internet of Things

Turn data from connected devices into actionable insights quickly
and cost-effectively.

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Artificial Intelligence / ML

Manage and store your data
models in the cloud to drive
optimization efforts.

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“Now, we have a system for scaling infinitely. It lowers our breakeven customer volume while increasing our margins, so we can reinvest back into the business. I’m happy. It feels incredible.”

Gavin Wade
Founder & CEO, CloudSpot

Storage That Saves Budget

Tier-free, $5/TB/month with free egress through CDN and Compute partners.
No hidden fees, no delete penalties.

Total Data Stored
Monthly Downloaded Data
I want $0 downloads with CDN
and Compute partners
Every scenario is a little different, and this calculator uses competitive providers’ published rates for high storage tiers in low cost regions—results viewed here are estimates that require further diligence on your part.
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Developer Resource Hub

“The combination of Cloudflare and Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage saves Nodecraft almost 85% each month on the data storage and egress costs versus Amazon S3.”
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