Cloud Storage for Video Surveillance

Access, manage, and store live video feeds and recordings globally with cost effective, S3 compatible object storage.

Protect CCTV, IP Cameras, NVR and VSaaS Data

B2 Cloud Storage makes it affordable to secure, grow, and use your surveillance data.

Instant Footage Protection

Automatically save your footage directly into cloud storage designed for eleven nines of durability—if recorders are damaged or malfunction, your essential data is safe and accessible.

Enterprise Grade Security

Safeguard sensitive data with 2FA and server-side encryption. Rely on availability and security with a 99.9% uptime SLA and SOC 2 Type 2 certification to stay compliant.

Advanced Workflow Support 

Scale your data as needed to accommodate more cameras and high-resolution footage. Use data in the cloud to run analytics on potential threats and abnormal activities in video streams. 

Store More, Pay Less

Backblaze’s straightforward pricing means you don’t have to worry about hidden fees, delete penalties, or download cost allowing you to store, manage, and access your data anywhere, anytime.

Secure Your Video Surveillance Footage With B2 Cloud Storage

Video Surveillance Platform Storage

Quickly scale up or down as you add or remove cameras and easily store and access footage without worrying about capacity. Rest assured recordings are secure with SSE and access management controls to block unauthorized access and other cyber threats.

NAS/NVR/CCTV Footage Backups 

Protect valuable footage and reduce costs and overhead for on-prem storage by off-loading video surveillance data from local storage environments to B2 Cloud Storage. Plus, effortlessly scale storage as capacities grow due to stringent retention requirements and industry regulations. 

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Buy Your Way, Always Know What You’ll Pay

See how Backblaze B2 pricing gives real value at 1/5 the rates of AWS S3.

  • 100% flexibility for Opex needs
  • Scale up or down as needed
  • Credit card payment available
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Priced So You Can Store and Use It All

One-fifth the rates of AWS S3. Free egress up to 3x data stored and no hidden fees or limits.




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Lock down more value with B2 Reserve bundles with all-inclusive pricing.

  • 100% consistency for CapEx needs
  • Starts at 20TB
  • Includes data migration and premium support
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Azure Credits Quickly Burned
of Files Processed Simultaneously
Automated Video Analysis
We use a massive amount of Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage and it runs like a top. Partnering with Backblaze has inspired us to find new ways to use the storage, like experimenting with how fast we can perform data pulls, upload files, and use caching.

Sebastien Collier


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The Advantages of Backblaze B2

Why Leading Surveillance Platforms and Businesses Build on B2 Cloud Storage

Add Up Your Hours Saved

Get set up in minutes, and then spend up to 92% less time managing your cloud storage, per independent, third party analysis.

Count on Reliability and Durability

Rest easy on storage designed for 11 nines durability, data protection to your surveillance standards, and a 99.9% uptime SLA.

Infinitely Scalable

Don’t miss out on a second of security surveillance. Store all past, present, and future video footage from now until forever. 

More Than 500,000 Customers Trust Backblaze

More than 500,000 Customers Trust Backblaze

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Migrating Content/Data to Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage is Fast and Free

Backblaze’s Universal Data Migration service moves large datasets securely into B2 Cloud Storage. And, with >50TB committed contracts and any B2 Reserve bundle, it’s almost always free to you. That’s right—with few exceptions, transfer and legacy vendor egress fees are on us.

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Public Clouds and Cloud Drives

Server, NAS, and SAN

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Does Backblaze B2 offer lower cost storage tiers for archived surveillance data?

Backblaze B2 offers a single tier of pricing—it’s always-hot storage at cold storage pricing. This means you can store your data in Backblaze B2 instead of an alternative like Amazon S3 Glacier knowing that you’ll be able to access the data at any time with no cold delays or need to manage and optimize across different services and tiers. 

Our data is always growing due to high resolution cameras and increased surveillance footage captured. How can we be sure our cloud storage bill will meet our tight budget needs?

Backblaze B2 is highly performant cloud storage priced at one-fifth the cost of AWS. Unlike other cloud storage providers, Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage is also free of add-on fees like minimum storage duration requirements (which can result in you paying for data storage long after you have overwritten or deleted files) or Object Lock service charges. Costs are affordable and transparent so you can store your data for as long as needed.

We have a lot of NAS/NVR/CCTV surveillance data on-premises. Is there an easy way to move all that into the cloud?

Backblaze’s Universal Data Migration service can handle inbound data migration from practically any legacy on-premises or cloud storage source—including servers, NAS, SAN, tape, public clouds, and cloud drives. What’s more, with committed contracts >50TB and all B2 Reserve bundles, Backblaze will cover data transfer costs and legacy provider egress fees in all but a few exceptions.

How does Backblaze B2 ensure the security and privacy of my surveillance data?

Backblaze B2 uses industry standard security practices and technologies to protect your surveillance data, including two-factor authentication (2FA), server-side encryption (SSE), and cloud replication. The platform is also designed for 11 nines of durability so your footage is available when you need it. And, your surveillance data is stored securely and privately in our SOC 2 compliant data centers, with you retaining full control over your data at all times.

Can Backblaze help us support our compliance requirements?

Backblaze is compliance friendly, with the ability to provide Business Associate Agreements (BBAs) for covered entities to assist with compliance compatibility. Additionally, our US East Region is HIPAA/HITECH compliant as well as third-party NIST 800-53 attested.

Want to run a free proof of concept with more than 50TB?

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