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Ever lost a file or had a computer die? Backblaze provides many ways to get your files back whether you lose a single file or millions of files.

Free Web Download

Sign in from anywhere in the world to restore one file or all your files. Browse your files just like they are organized on your computer and select the files and folders you want.

Restore By Mail

Have a USB Hard Drive (up to a 8TB for $189) sent to you via FedEx. You can even send the drive back to Backblaze within 30 days for a refund.

Mobile Access

Use the Backblaze mobile app for iOS or Android to browse and download your backed up files. Save them to your phone or share the files with others.

Restore By Mail

You can prepare a USB drive and have it shipped to you by FedEx anywhere in the world. After signing into the Backblaze site you can prepare a mailed restore on the 'View/Restores Files' page.

USB Hard Drive up to 8TB

Shipping and handling included. Depending on the size of the restore it might take several days to prepare and ship the drive. You may choose to have your hard drive encrypted during shipping for an extra level of security.

Restore, Return, Refund New
Send us the hard drive back within 30 days for a refund of your purchase. Just mail back your drive and we'll refund what you paid for the restore. Include your name and account email with the drive and send it to:

Backblaze Restore Refund
500 Ben Franklin Ct.
San Mateo CA 94401

Preparing Your Restore

You can prepare a free restore or purchase a Restore by Mail drive after signing into Backblaze and going to the 'View/Restore Files' page.

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