Backblaze on Android

View and share any files from Backblaze Backup or B2 Cloud Storage on Android devices.

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Easy Access

Use Fingerprint Unlock or Pixel Imprint to access the photos and files you have stored with Backblaze. Or you can require a login for each time the files are accessed – the choice is yours.

Mac or PC Files

Backblaze on Android lets you access your files whether they were backed up to Backblaze from your Mac or your PC.


Once you've downloaded a photo, the file list will show a thumbnail version of the file so you can easily select just the right photo when you're ready to share.

Share Away

Email documents, upload to Facebook, Nearby Share spreadsheets, and more. Easily distribute files from your PC or Mac with apps on your Android devices.


What is Backblaze Mobile for Android?

Backblaze Mobile for Android is an app you install on your Android device that allows you to access Backblaze's cloud storage platform. Both Backblaze Backup and B2 Cloud Storage are supported.

What files can I access?

Any file (up to 5GB) that is backed up to your Backblaze account from your Mac or PC. And for any file stored in B2 Cloud Storage. (There is no file size limit for files stored in B2 Cloud Storage.)

What version of Android do I need?

You’ll need an Android Pie (9.0) or higher to run Backblaze Mobile for Android.

Can I use the Backblaze app to back up my phone?

No, it is an access app only. You can see and download your backed up files, but we do not currently upload any data from the mobile device. However, if your device is synced to your computer, Backblaze can backup all of the synced data from your computer.

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Backblaze is a great way to backup all your files to the cloud. It's automatic. It's easy. And your computer will thank you.

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