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<Build/It> with Backblaze B2

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No surprise bills at the end of the month. One tier, one price, predictable costs.

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Bring your existing applications, tools, and experience and get straight to work.

S3 Compatible API
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Choose between our U.S. and EU data centers, or configure Cloud Replication for both.

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Compliance Compatible

HIPAA, SOC 2, all the check boxes you need.

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Technical Resources

Getting Started

Learn how scripts and applications can store data in Backblaze B2 via its S3-compatible API.

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Everything you need to know about working with buckets and files in Backblaze B2 via its S3-compatible and native APIs.

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Backblaze on Github

Sample code for integrating with Backblaze B2 from Cloudflare Workers, Fastly Compute@Edge, Rising Cloud, and many more environments.

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Postman Collection

Interact directly with Backblaze B2’s S3-compatible API via our Postman Collection.

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Latest Developer News

Backblaze Tech Day '22

Join us on October 31st for live sessions, hands-on demos, and more to help you grow on our object storage platform. Attendance is free!

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QCon San Francisco

Visit our booth at QCon San Francisco, from October 24-28, and attend Backblaze Senior Developer Evangelist Greg Hamer’s session on Optimal Data Storage Choices.

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Trino Summit

Learn how to query data stored in Backblaze B2 buckets and elsewhere at Trino Summit, taking place on November 10th, both virtually and in-person in San Francisco, CA.

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Backblaze B2 Virtual User Group

Share your experience and expertise with like-minded developers, architects, and technical professionals. Our next meeting is on November 16th.

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