Affordable Backup, Shared Storage, and Collaboration

Back up your NAS data in minutes with Synology and Backblaze B2.

Complete, cost-effective, 3-2-1 backup protection

Synology and Backblaze provide fast, local, shared storage integrated with performant, easy, and readily accessible cloud storage. Synology provides you with total control of the data you back up to Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage, and the flexibility to use either Hyper Backup or Cloud Sync. Together, Backblaze and Synology enable seamless remote user workflows and speed up collaboration across multiple locations.

Backblaze integrates with both Synology Hyper Backup and Cloud Sync. Using Synology Hyper Backup, you can back up your workstations to your NAS and Backblaze B2. With Cloud Sync you can replicate your data to Backblaze B2 and other locations.

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Backup Your NAS Data to Backblaze B2

Backup your Synology NAS to Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage using Hyper Backup.


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