Catalogic DPX With Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage

Reliable, secure, enterprise data protection with astonishingly easy cloud storage for backup and archive.

Air-Gapped and Immutable Data Protection Against Ransomware

Catalogic Software is a modern data protection company providing innovative backup and recovery solutions including its flagship DPX product family, enabling IT organizations to protect, secure, and leverage their data. Catalogic’s CloudCasa offers cloud data protection, backup, and disaster recovery as a service for Kubernetes applications and cloud data services.

Together, Catalogic Software and Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage help you reduce backup costs and complexity while increasing performance and cyber resiliency.

Why Back Up to Backblaze B2

Air-gapped and immutable for ransomware protection and instant recovery.


Ransomware protection via air-gapped, immutable cloud object storage.

Cost Effective

Low cost solution for tape replacement.


Secure solution with encryption in transit and at rest, plus industry-standard compliance features like S3 Object Lock.


Hybrid backup and cloud storage for off-site disaster recovery and archive.

Enabling Immutability for Compliance and Governance

In just a few easy steps, you get immutable data protection with Catalogic Software and Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage.

Configure Catalogic DPX With Backblaze

Just three easy steps and you’ll be all set to point backup jobs to Backblaze, and enjoy the affordable safety of offsite backup in B2 Cloud Storage.

  • Create a Backblaze B2 account, bucket, and application key
    Try 10 GB free so you can run a risk-free proof of concept.
  • In DPX, select “Device type” as “Cloud."
  • Configure your backup job to “Backblaze B2.”
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