Announcing Enhanced Ransomware Protection with Backblaze B2 + Catalogic

The move to a virtualized environment is a logical step for many companies. Yet, physical systems are still a major part of today’s IT environments even as virtualization becomes more commonplace. With ransomware on the rise, backups are more critical than ever whether you operate a physical or virtual environment, or both.

Catalogic provides robust protection solutions for both physical and virtual environments. Now, through a new partnership, Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage integrates seamlessly with Catalogic DPX, Catalogic’s enterprise data protection software, and CloudCasa by Catalogic, Catalogic’s Kubernetes backup solution, providing joint customers with a secure, fast, and scalable backup target.

Join Troy Liljedahl, Solutions Engineer Manager at Backblaze, and William Bush, Field CTO at Catalogic Software, as they demonstrate how easy it is to store your backups in cloud object storage and protect them with Object Lock.

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The partnership enables companies to:

  • Protect enterprise environments and cloud native applications from ransomware via immutable, air-gapped backups.
  • Enable hybrid backup and cloud archive solutions to achieve a 3-2-1 backup strategy.
  • Back up both virtual and physical environments in a single cloud platform.
  • Restore single files or directories from VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V agentless backups.
  • Reduce restore times from hours to minutes.

“Backblaze and Catalogic together offer a powerful solution to provide cost-effective protection against ransomware and data loss. Instead of having to wait days to recover data from the cloud, Backblaze guarantees speed premiums with a 99.9% uptime SLA and no cold delays. We deliver high performance, S3-compatible, plug-n-play cloud object storage at a 75% lower cost than our competitors.”
—Nilay Patel, VP of Sales and Partnerships, Backblaze

The joint solution helps companies achieve immutability and compliance via Object Lock, ensuring backup and archive data can’t be deleted, overwritten, or altered for as long as the lock is set.

Editor’s Note: Product Update

Object Lock users, great news! As of September 2022, you can enable Object Lock on existing Buckets making it far easier to set immutability on all of your data already stored in B2 Cloud Storage—easing your path to enhanced cybersecurity and compliance strategies.

If you have any questions, feel free to browse our Help Articles or reach out to Support.

About Catalogic

Catalogic Software is a modern data protection company providing innovative backup and recovery solutions including its flagship DPX product, enabling IT organizations to protect, secure, and leverage their data. Catalogic’s CloudCasa offers cloud data protection, backup, and disaster recovery as a service for Kubernetes applications and cloud data services.

“Our new partnership with Backblaze ensures the most common backup and restore challenges such as ransomware protection, exceeding backup windows, and expensive tape maintenance costs are a thing of the past. The Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage platform provides a cost-effective, long-term storage solution allowing data to remain under an organization’s control for compliance or data governance reasons while also considering the ubiquity of ransomware and the importance of protecting against an attack.”
—Sathya Sankaran, COO, Catalogic

How to Get Started With Backblaze B2 + Catalogic

Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage integrates seamlessly with Catalogic DPX and CloudCasa to accelerate and achieve recovery time and recovery point objectives (RTO and RPO) SLAs, from DPX agent-based server backups, agentless VM backups, or direct filer backups via NDMP.

After creating your Backblaze B2 account if you don’t already have one, joint customers can select Backblaze B2 as their target backup destination in the Catalogic UI.

In the DPX console, navigate to the Devices tab.
In the CloudCasa console, navigate to My Storage and add storage.

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Join us for a webinar on March 23, 2022 at 8 a.m. PST to discover how to back up and protect your enterprise environments and Kubernetes instances—register here.


About Natasha Rabinov

Natasha Rabinov is the senior product marketing manager for Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage. With over a decade of experience in IT and cloud, Natasha has continuously advocated for customers and how to best help them protect critical data. After graduating from business school in France, Natasha caught the travel bug and she can now be found traveling and swimming in her spare time, frequently in the company of her family and friends.