Secure Educational Institutions’ Data and Budgets

Access top-of-the-line protection for student and staff data with immutable, set-and-forget cloud storage without top-of-the-line pricing.

A+ Performance With No Trade-Offs for Affordability

K-12 districts, colleges, and universities rank Backblaze best-in-class for protecting systems within budget constraints.

Save on Costs Without Compromise

At one-fifth the cost of AWS, Backblaze’s affordable pricing means you can maximize your retention periods and improve data accessibility.

Modernize Your Data Architecture

Reclaim your time with an upgraded 3-2-1 backup plan including offsite, geographically distanced cloud storage for servers, virtual machines, and NAS.

Meet Compliance Requirements

Help meet compliance requirements by safeguarding data with encryption, 2FA, object lock, and SOC 2-compliant data centers. HECVAT and BAAs available upon request.

Protect from Ransomware 

Sleep better at night with Object Lock for immutability. Works seamlessly with Veeam, Commvault, Rubrik, and other backup management software.

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Buy Your Way, Always Know What You’ll Pay

See how Backblaze B2 pricing gives real value at 1/5 the rates of AWS S3.

  • 100% flexibility for Opex needs
  • Scale up or down as needed
  • Credit card payment available
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Priced So You Can Store and Use It All

One-fifth the rates of AWS S3. Free egress up to 3x data stored and no hidden fees or limits.




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Every scenario is a little different, and this calculator uses competitive providers’ published rates for high storage tiers in low cost regions—results viewed here are estimates that require further diligence on your part.
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Lock down more value with B2 Reserve bundles with all-inclusive pricing.

  • 100% consistency for CapEx needs
  • Starts at 20TB
  • Includes data migration and premium support
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Data Protection
Decades of Data Safe
Day Set Up
Backblaze B2 had the capability we lacked. I bolted it onto our system, so now I have off-site backup that is safe and well-protected from a regional disaster as well as ransomware protection with Object Lock.

Tim Pearson

Director for IT Infrastructure and Security, Pittsburg State University

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Do More With Your Time and Budget

Focus on student outcomes - not offsite storage. Backblaze B2 is secure, easy, and reliable.

Add Up Your Hours Saved

Get set up in minutes, and then spend up to 92% less time managing your cloud storage, per independent, third party analysis.

Count On Reliability and Durability

Rest easy on storage designed for 11 nines durability, data protections to your standards, and a 99.9% uptime SLA.

Disaster Proof Your Data Recoveries

Recover fast-no cold delays -plus fully-automated, on-demand DRaaS for Veeam users to support RTO needs.

Manage Costs with Predictable Pricing

Grow and store your backups and archives with services priced to fit your budget and with no costly storage minimums or surprise fees.

More Than 500,000 Customers Trust Backblaze

More than 500,000 Customers Trust Backblaze

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Migrating Content/Data to Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage is Fast and Free

Backblaze’s Universal Data Migration service moves large datasets securely into B2 Cloud Storage. And, with >50TB committed contracts and any B2 Reserve bundle, it’s almost always free to you. That’s right—with few exceptions, transfer and legacy vendor egress fees are on us.

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Public Clouds and Cloud Drives

Server, NAS, and SAN

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Does Backblaze B2 offer lower-cost storage tiers for archival data?

Backblaze B2 is always-hot storage at cold storage prices. There are no tiers. You can store your archival data in Backblaze B2 for a similar cost as Amazon Glacier, with the added reassurance of knowing that you’ll be able to access your data when you need it - without any cold delays.

Our university has a multi-cloud environment. How can we use Backblaze B2 alongside our current vendors?

Backblaze B2 helps you optimize for multi-cloud while avoiding vendor lock in. Many customers use Backblaze B2 for backup and archive purposes while maintaining production data on-premises or in another cloud. You may also find that Backblaze’s performance and cost inspires you to shift more departmental data to B2 Cloud Storage–making it your primary public cloud.

We use Veeam as our primary backup software. Does Backblaze B2 integrate with Veeam?

Backblaze is a Veeam Ready partner and certified Veeam Ready for Object with Immutability. With our S3 Compatible API, it’s easy to designate Backblaze B2 as your object storage repository and send your data to Backblaze B2 using either the direct-to-object functionality or the Scale-out Backup Repository. Also, for Veeam, Backblaze offers Cloud Instant Business Recovery, a fully-managed, on-demand DRaaS including bare metal servers and compute resources to support RTO needs.

Our data is always growing due to new students arriving every year. How can we be sure our cloud storage bill will meet our tight budget needs?

Backblaze B2 is highly performant cloud storage priced at one-fifth the cost of AWS. Unlike other cloud storage providers, Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage is also free of ranging add-on fees like minimum storage duration requirements (which can result in you paying for data storage long after you have overwritten or deleted files) or object lock service charges. Costs are affordable and transparent so you can store your data for as long as needed.

How do I get started with Backblaze B2?

Many customers find it easy to get set up on their own in under 20 minutes using our Integration Guides. Simply designate Backblaze B2 as the cloud storage target in your existing backup software. Of course, Sales and Solution Engineers are also happy to help assist customers with large data sets or more complicated migration needs.

Want to run a free proof of concept with more than 50TB?

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