Cloud Backup Built for Veeam Customers

Achieve 3-2-1 compliance in just a few clicks

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Double your data protection by adding the cloud to your Veeam backup strategy

Single pane of glass

Backup and restore directly from your Veeam Console with incremental uploads that reduce network load.

Minimize data loss

Copy your VBK to the cloud, download or ship restores via USB drive. All your data is readily available in B2, backed by SLA.

Backup that won’t bankrupt

Get peace of mind for only $7/TB/month. Pay as you go with no minimum storage and no minimum retention requirements.

Backup easy as 1-2-3

Get your Veeam backups offsite in 3 steps — no new backup infrastructure necessary

  1. Install Tiger Bridge on your repo.
  2. Point your backup job to your repo.
  3. Run your backup job.
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Achieve 3-2-1 compliance in just a few clicks

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