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Secure your data by seamlessly tiering your backups into Backblaze B2 using Cloud Tier.

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Triple your data protection with immutable backups in the cloud using Backblaze B2 and Veeam

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Backups Beyond Disk

Backup and restore transparently from your Veeam Console. Infinitely scalable retention with no need to size or manage backup hardware. All your data is readily available in Backblaze B2, backed by SLA.

Full Ransomware Protection

Prevent ransomware from encrypting or deleting backed up data with data immutability. Achieve 3-2-1 compliance or offload your restore points to the cloud and free up space on your server.

Backup that won't bankrupt

Get peace of mind for only $5/TB/month. Pay as you go with no minimum storage and no minimum retention requirements.

Scale-out Backup Respository

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Use Veeam Cloud Tier to extend your restore points in 3 simple steps—no changes to your backup infrastructure and no new backup jobs.

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Backup your Veeam Data Using Backblaze B2 and Tiger Bridge
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Achieve 3-2-1 compliance
with a few clicks
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Deployed in 3 easy steps

Tiger Bridge facilitates the migration of your Veeam data from your on-prem repo to the Backblaze B2 cloud. As your dataset grows, Backblaze B2 scales transparently to match. No additional backup hardware needed and no secondary location necessary for geographic redundancy.

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Affordable and infinitely scalable

Priced with your budget in mind, the joint solution from Backblaze and Tiger Bridge is $8/TB per month. Low-cost and high-performance cloud storage allows you to scale as you need and only pay for what you use.

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Readily available backups

With a 1-1 mapping between files on-prem and objects in the cloud, all of your data is secure and ready to restore. Long-term retention and 3-2-1 backups of your Veeam data have been simplified and made easily accessible with the joint solution from Backblaze B2 and Tiger Bridge.

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