"Knowing our documents are safe with Backblaze
leaves me free to focus on our growing business."

- Trey Wylie, President of KBI Industries

Safe & Secure

Backblaze integrates high security standards at three levels.

Using military-grade security, your company's files are encrypted (with AES-128 bit keys)
Then they are transferred through Secure Socket Layers (SSL) to our datacenters.
The files remain encrypted in the Backblaze storage pods.
Security badge
Our datacenters are SSAE-16/SOC-2 compliant and are staffed around-the-clock, and feature biometric security, ID checks and area locks that require badge access. Sacramento Datacenter PDF.
Backblaze monitors datacenter


All online actions through the datacenter systems are actively monitored and logged to watch for irregularities.

Additional Security

With each Backblaze account, we automatically generate a private key that is used to uniquely protect that data throughout our system.

If companies would like an additional layer of privacy, each individual can select a passphrase that will be used to encrypt a private key. This passphrase is the responsibility of each employee to remember and safeguard, and without it, there is no way that anyone, including Backblaze, can decrypt and restore your data.