Backblaze Is 16!

A decorative image with the text Backblaze Is 16.

Hey, we can drive! (Pun absolutely intended.) Some days it’s hard to believe that what started as a “crazy” dream in a one-bedroom apartment has evolved into what we’re celebrating today—16 years of blazing on (pun, ahem, also intended).

To mark the occasion, we thought we’d share some of our highlights from past years. If you want to hear co-founder and CEO Gleb Budman talking about our evolution (plus where he thinks cloud storage is going in the future), check out his recent appearance on The Cloudcast podcast.

And, here are some other great moments for your reading and viewing pleasure:

You already know there’s much, much more on the Backblaze blog, and we love chatting with folks in article comments and on socials. After all, we wouldn’t be here without all of you!

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About Backblaze

Backblaze makes it astonishingly easy to store, use, and protect data. The Backblaze Storage Cloud provides a foundation for businesses, developers, IT professionals, and individuals to store, back up and archive data, host content, manage media, build their applications, and more. With nearly two exabytes of data storage under management, the company currently works with close to 500,000 customers in over 175 countries. Founded in 2007, the company is based in San Mateo, CA. For more information, please go to