12 Power Tips for Backing Up Business Data

This post has been updated since it was originally published in 2019.

If you’ve made your way to this post, you already know the importance of backing up your business data, but are you taking full advantage of the power of backups across your organization? In this post, we share some blazingly useful tips to help you power up your backups.

Some of the tips apply to Backblaze Business Backup for workstations and some to Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage. As a refresher, Backblaze Business Backup for workstations helps you easily deploy and manage backups for employee devices with a lightweight client installed on employee machines, and Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage is scalable, affordable cloud storage that can be used to store backups, archive content, and provide an off-site repository for Veeam and/or local devices like NAS.

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12 Power Tips for Business Users of Backblaze Business Backup and Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage

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1. Manage All Users of Backblaze Business Backup or Backblaze B2

Backblaze Groups can be used for both Backblaze Business Backup and Backblaze B2 to manage accounts and users. See the status of all accounts and produce reports using the admin console.

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2. Streamline VM Backups

Backblaze B2 integrates with Veeam, MSP360 (formerly CloudBerry Lab), and Veritas Backup Exec, among others, to back up enterprise-level VMs with no interruptions to your workflow.

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3. Manage Your Server Backups With Backblaze B2

Back up your server in minutes with our streamlined joint solution with MSP360 for one or multiple servers. Or, use Veeam or any of our other backup and archive integrations to protect your data from disaster.

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4. Protect Your NAS Data Using Built-in Applications and Backblaze B2

Backblaze B2 is integrated with the leading tools and devices for NAS backup. Native integrations from Synology, QNAP, TrueNAS, and more ensure that setups are simple and backups are automated.

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5. Mass Deploy Backblaze Remotely to Many Computers

Companies, organizations, schools, non-profits, and others can use the MSI installer, Jamf, Munki, and other tools to deploy Backblaze Business Backup for workstations remotely across all their computers without any end user interaction.

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6. Get Free Egress Between Backblaze B2 and Many Compute and CDN Partners

Spin up compute applications with high speed and no egress charges using our partners Vultr, Equinix Metal, Packet, and Server Central. Backblaze offers free egress from Backblaze B2 to content delivery partners like Cloudflare, Fastly, and Bunny.net, speeding up access to your data worldwide.

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7. Protect Data From Ransomware With Object Lock

Object Lock is a powerful backup protection tool that prevents a file from being altered or deleted until a given date. Using Object Lock to protect your data means no one—not cybercriminals, not ransomware viruses, not even the person who set the lock—can edit or delete files.

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8. Get Your Data Into the Cloud Fast

With Universal Data Migration from Backblaze, you can move large data sets (>10TB) from virtually any source—other public clouds, servers, NAS, SAN, LTO/tape, and cloud drives—to Backblaze B2 at no cost.

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9. Move to Backblaze B2 With Virtually No Code Changes

If you already use the S3 API protocol, you can move your data to Backblaze B2 with virtually no code changes, no workflow changes, and no downtime using the Backblaze S3 Compatible API.

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10. Copy Data and Bring It Closer to End Users With Backblaze Cloud Replication

Backblaze Cloud Replication allows customers to automatically store to different locations—across regions, across accounts, or in different buckets within the same account. Customers can replicate data for security and compliance, bring it closer to end users for faster access, and replicate between development environments.

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11. Restore For Free via Web or USB Hard Drive

Admins can restore data from endpoints using the web-based admin console. USB hard drives can be shipped worldwide to facilitate the management of a remote workforce.

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12. Use Single Sign-on (SSO) and Two Factor Verification for Enhanced Security

Single sign-on (Google and Microsoft) improves security and the speed of signing into your Backblaze account for authorized users. With Backblaze Business Backup, all data is automatically encrypted client-side prior to upload, protected during transfer, and stored encrypted in our secure data centers. Adding two-factor verification augments account safety with another layer of security.

Want to Learn More About Backblaze Business Backup and Backblaze B2?

You can find more information on Backblaze B2 and Backblaze Business Backup (including a free trial) on our website, and more tips about backing up in our Help pages.


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