B2 + ServerCentral managed cloud computing

ServerCentral & Backblaze B2
Compute and Cloud Storage to Simplify Your IT Operations

Partnership Details

On-Demand & Integrated
  • Data transfers between ServerCentral and B2 are free. Simply contact your ServerCentral representative to register your account.

  • ServerCentral & Backblaze are directly connected for low latency and high performance.

  • B2 Storage is $0.05/GB/Month.
    (14 of Amazon S3)

  • B2 Downloads are $0.01 / GB.
    (15 of Amazon S3)

  • B2 offers infinitely scaleable, on demand, high performance cloud storage. No minimums or tiers.

B2 Pricing



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The first 10GB of storage is free.
The first 1 GB of downloads per day is free.
B2 vs. the Competition
$0.005 $0.01

Backblaze: Over a Decade of Cloud Storage Leadership & Innovation

Founded in 2007, Backblaze is entrusted with over an Exabyte of data from customers in over 150 countries.
Backblaze's storage innovations include the Storage Pod (hardware infrastructure), Reed Solomon Erasure Code (software ensuring data reliability), and Hard Drive Stats (the largest single publicly available source of Hard Drive performance statistics)
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