Lowest Cost, Easy, Reliable, and Secure Cloud Storage

Nearly a decade of operating one of the largest cloud storage services.

Massive Cloud Storage Service

For nearly a decade, Backblaze has built and operated its cloud storage service, which provides the underlying infrastructure for its cloud backup service. That service stores over 250 petabytes of data and has recovered over 20 billion files for customers.


This is a business, we run it profitably, and we’ll be around for the long-term. When Backblaze originally launched its $5/month unlimited cloud backup service, many said it was impossible and unsustainable. Four years later, when others shut down, we committed. And today that service is still unlimited and just $5/month.


Backblaze provides an intuitive web experience, clean RESTful APIs, detailed documentation with examples, and a simple pricing structure. Everything to make it easy to start and continue using the service.


Built on Backblaze Vault software and Backblaze Storage Pod hardware, the B2 Cloud Storage service has layers of redundancy to ensure data is durable and available.


Backblaze uses technology and procedures to ensure robust security. All connections are HTTPS, account access offers Two-Factor Verification, and APIs are secured with authentication tokens.