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Why Innovative Companies Build on the Backblaze B2 Platform

Get started in minutes, scale up & down as needed, and get human support when you want it.
Readily Accessible
Make the most of your data whenever, fast, with a 99.9% uptime SLA—no cold delays or speed premiums.
Safe & Secure
Rest easy knowing your storage is durable by design and your data is protected to your standards.
Cost Effective
Stretch your budget (further) with S3 compatible storage predictably priced at a fraction of the cost of AWS S3.
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Enterprise-grade With Limitless Possibilities

Durable & Reliable
Grow on durable by design storage, with predictability regardless of data set size or frequency of uploads and downloads.
Optimize for data mobility, performance, and cost, while avoiding vendor lock-in by supplementing your stack with Backblaze B2.
Store where you want—U.S. and EU data centers give flexibility for available zone needs, geo replication, and other location considerations.
Compliance Compatible
Check boxes for your SLAs: supports data retention & deletion policies, HIPAA programs, and SSAE-18/SOC 2 data centers.
Get Started—10GB Free
So Right for So Many Use Cases
Use it to build applications and run services with Backblaze S3 Compatible or B2 Native APIs, CLI, and GUI.
IT Admin & MSPs
Use it to back up organization systems and files, all with management ease and reliability.
Media-heavy Teams
Use it to save time and headaches, and speed collaboration with existing workflows and go-to tools.

Dev Friendly

API-first infrastructure as a service, built by developers for developers. Accelerate programming by quickly integrating scalable cloud storage via SDKs, then move and manage application data ongoing with ease and low or no egress expense. Tap into the flexibility of seamless interoperability with edge cloud, compute, and other third-party microservices.
Ideal for:
Saas Applications
Content Delivery
“Now, we have a system for scaling infinitely. It lowers our breakeven customer volume while increasing our margins, so we can reinvest back into the business. I’m happy. It feels incredible.”
Gavin Wade
Founder & CEO, CloudSpot
“I look at our reporting data every day–that’s where it really matters. Since switching to Backblaze, it’s all green checkboxes showing that the data successfully replicated and was verified. Now we’re on the green side of the fence.”
Daniel Hill
Centralized Services Manager, RunBiz

IT Friendly

Protect your organization's data and support critical continuity and recovery objectives with backup and more for server, NAS, workstations, and/or Veeam data. Drop-dead simple to stand up and manage ongoing.
Ideal for:
Active Archive
MSP Deployments

Media Friendly, Too

Save time and headaches with storage that makes it simple to collaborate on and back up your precious media. Seamlessly connects with NAS, SAN, MAM, and other tools. Share freely without the fear of breaking the bank.
Ideal for:
Active Archive
Content Delivery
Media Workflows
“Time saved is by a factor of 100. I just don’t have to think about it anymore. It’s done, and that means I’m done.”
Eric Bigman
Head of Post-Production/Editor, “Good Eats: Reloaded” and “Good Eats: The Return”
Hundreds of Pre-built Integrations
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How It Works

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to get started on the Backblaze B2 platform.
Get Started—10GB Free
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Create an account.
Upload data.
Build, collaborate, back up
...whatever you’d like to do with your data via API, CLI, GUI, or one of many integrations.

Grow on the Storage Platform That Doesn’t Break Your Budget

Backblaze B2 costs a simple $5/TB/month. No ifs, ands, or buts. And certainly no hidden fees.
$0.021 Storage ($/GB/Month)
$0.05+ Download ($/GB)
$0.005 Storage ($/GB/Month) 76%+ lower cost
$0.01 Download ($/GB) 80%+ lower cost
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