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Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage works similar to Amazon S3 or Microsoft Azure, allowing you to store unlimited data in the cloud.
But does it for 1/4th the cost.

Backblaze has developed a robust cloud storage solution that is reliable, scalable and affordable. Developers can build applications, IT people can store corporate data, and anyone can store or host data online.

Upload and Download Data Easily

Web: Use our simple drag-and-drop interface.

API: Build your application on top of our intuitive interface.

Command Line (CLI): Script your uploads/downloads.

Featured Integration Partners

Backup your Synology NAS to B2

Easy Server and NAS Backup to B2

Media Asset Management Archiving to B2

Drag and Drop your desktop files to B2

Cloud data backup for the SMB to B2

Live & Archive

Data is instantly available; no offline or nearline delays.

Don’t worry about choosing between a service that makes your data available or one that is inexpensive; you get the best of both.

Scale Freely

Unlimited Storage: Upload 1 file or millions. 1 MB or 100 petabytes.

Pay Only For What You Use: No need to plan and pay for extra head room.

Scale Up/Down: Store more data or less as your needs change.

Robust Docs

Quick Start: Step-by-step instructions to upload/download files via the CLI and API.

See Sample Code Examples in

  • curl
  • Java
  • C#
  • Python
  • Swift
  • Ruby

Get Source Code Bundles in many languages: Go here to get started

B2 Cloud Storage is for Developers and IT. What will you build?

Here are a few ideas of what you might do with B2.

Other Goodies

Browse Files: Upload through the web, CLI, or API, then browse in folders online.

Versions: Keep unlimited file versions automatically if you prefer.

Lifecycle Rules: Create rules to automatically hide/delete older file versions.

Reports: See reports on data stored, uploaded, downloaded, and more.

Caps & Alerts: Set daily spending limits and get email and text alerts when nearing caps.

Snapshots: Package many files together and save, download, or receive them via FedEx on a USB hard drive.

The Lowest Price for Storage

Compare Backblaze pricing vs Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure.

View cost comparison page
Backblaze Cloud Storage $0.005/GB Month
Amazon S3 Cloud Storage $0.021+/GB Month
Microsoft Azure Cloud Storage $0.022+/GB Month

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