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From bytes to petabytes Backblaze B2 is the lowest
cost high performance cloud storage in the world.

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What can you do with B2?

Backup/archive/sync servers and NAS devices.

Host photos, videos and other web content.

Replace your tape backup system (LTO).

Build apps that demand affordable cloud storage.

How can you use it?

B2 Web UI
Use our drag-and-drop interface to store, restore and share your B2 data.
Partner Integrations
Use Synology, Cloudberry or others to store and access data in your B2 account. View All Integrations.

How can you build with it?

Extend your application to the cloud with easy to use APIs and documentation.
B2 Command Line (CLI)
Use the B2 command line tool for scripting access to all of the capabilities of B2.

B2 has what you need

Store anything
  • Upload and store an unlimited amount of data.
  • Use lifecycle rules to keep only the versions you want.
  • Pay just for what you use, get what you need on demand.

Easily get data in and out
  • Web, CLI, API: Upload/download data via our website, command line, or APIs.
  • Partner integrations: B2 is built-in to Synology, CloudBerry, and more.
  • Data by Mail: Use our Fireball to mail us data (rapid ingest). Get it back with Snapshot by mail (rapid egress).

Keep costs down
  • The first 10 GB of monthly storage is free, the first 1 GB of downloads per day are free.
  • Lowest cost pricing: With no usage requirements, get the industry's lowest cost.
  • Caps & Alerts: Set usage caps and get text/email alerts when you approach them.

Secure, available, reliable
  • Secure: 2FA, HTTPS, and a variety of electronic and physical safeguards.
  • Uptime: 99.9% SLA.
  • Reliability: 99.999999% durability.
  • Experience: Backblaze has been storing petabytes for 10+ years.

Other goodies
  • See reports on data stored, uploaded, downloaded, and more.
  • Combine files into Snapshots to save for archiving or simply as needed.
  • Manage multiple users within a single overarching group.
  • Support options including email, chat, and 24x7 phone available.

No gotchas
  • No access delay: All data is online and available.
  • No retrieval fee.
  • No minimum file size.
  • No minimum storage duration fee: Keep files for a second or forever.

What makes B2 different?

Unlike Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, and the rest – B2 is only $0.005/GB per month for data storage and only $0.01/GB to download data.
Like Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure and the rest – Data stored in B2 is available for immediate download – there are no nearline or offline delays.
All the cloud storage features you need at a predictable price.

Why Backblaze?

Backblaze B2 emanates from our purpose built Backblaze Vault architecture. Scalable to hundreds of exabytes of storage, Backblaze currently stores over 600 petabytes of customer data. Our datacenters are SSAE-16 / SOC-2 certified and staffed by Backblaze personnel. Backblaze has been in the data storage business for 10 years. Here's just a few things we've done…

Storage Pods
Introduced and open-sourced our 45 and 60 drive Storage Pod designs.

Backblaze Vaults
Our award winning storage system is over a decade in the making and has 99.999999999% durability.

Hard Drive Stats
Each quarter we publish the hard drive failures stats of our disk farm of over 100,000 drives.

We analyze and publish the SMART stats we use in predicting drive failures before they happen.

Created and open-sourced our own Reed-Solomon encoding scheme.

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The first 10GB of storage is free.
The first 1 GB of downloads per day is free.

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