Cloud Storage Comparison

Amazon S3 vs Microsoft Azure vs B2 Cloud Storage


$0.005 Free $0.05
Free $0.05+
Free $0.08+
Free $0.05+
Free $0.05
Free $0.08+
Free $0.06+

Savings That Really Add Up.

Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage
Amazon S3 Cloud Storage
Microsoft Azure Cloud Storage

Backblaze B2 can save you over $204,000 off Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure.

Backblaze B2 pricing is simple. One price for storage. Free for uploads. One price for downloads.

No tiers, no penalties for not storing enough or downloading enough. No need to migrate data from one type of storage to another to manage availability versus cost. No complexity.

How does B2 compare to Amazon Glacier and Google Nearline?

Glacier and Nearline services do not provide real-time access to data (e.g. Glacier requires a 4 hour wait), charge penalties for retrieval and deletion, and they are still 2x the price of Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage.

How can Backblaze B2 be priced so low compared to S3 & Azure?

For nearly a decade, Backblaze has focused on building the lowest cost cloud storage for its cloud backup business. Through a combination of the Backblaze Storage Pod server design, Backblaze Vault cloud storage file system, and highly operationalized processes, the company has a system that scales to zettabytes incredibly cost effectively. Learn more at Why B2.

Future Generation of Storage

Backblaze has been building the most efficient storage for nearly a decade