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Like many in the Media and Entertainment industry, Aaron Rhodes works in two worlds.

One minute he is orchestrating the creation and delivery of engaging Virtual Reality stories and experiences using the powerful Pixvana platform. The next minute, he is squarely back in the real world, manually copying data files around on his internal storage system trying to free up enough space to store the next project in the pipeline. Every minute Aaron spends managing his infrastructure takes away from the time he gets to spend creating compelling stories for WunderVu customers – the fun part of the job. Trouble is, the more work the company receives, the more time Aaron has to spend managing the WunderVu systems.
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WunderVu is a Pixvana production studio that harnesses virtual reality to deliver compelling, engaging, and immersive digital stories and experiences. Aaron Rhodes is the Executive Producer at WunderVu and resident technology guru in charge of keeping both the company’s virtual world and real world operational and productive.
Being the in-house production company for Pixvana, WunderVu spends their day applying their creativity to transform their projects into impactful Virtual Reality experiences that can be shared across the globe.

WunderVu’s mission is to realize the potential of XR Storytelling and a key component to immersion is resolution. That means big data, and lots of files! That also means Aaron is constantly figuring out where to store all the assets that will be needed to create and complete the next virtual experience.

Today, nearly all videos done by WunderVu are posted at 8k or higher. To achieve these resolutions Aaron’s team typically photographs with anywhere from 2 to 17 cameras at once. Given these parameters, a shoot could easily produce 1 to 10 terabytes of digital media. And that’s just the beginning. As the video is transformed into the assets needed to create the final virtual experience, multiple versions of the original content are created and stored locally.

Aaron Rhodes
“If backup was important 10 years ago, it is 10 times more important today”
– Aaron Rhodes Executive Producer, WunderVu.
For Aaron, there was no “ah-ha” moment in which he suddenly realized he needed to back up his local storage systems to the cloud. He always knew it was required. A quick review of his workflow and operational needs told him that LTO was not a solution. Aaron found the LTO interface archaic and the entire process time consuming, and it didn’t provide instant access to his files. He didn’t want to wait hours or even days as a tape had to be shipped back to the office from off-site. Cloud storage was the right answer.
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The first step was to get the current data he had accumulated on his local storage system to the cloud. He initially tried to use the Amazon Snowball data transfer service, but found the process challenging and not user friendly. In addition, the storage and access cost of using Amazon S3 would weigh heavily on his budget. Instead, Aaron decided to try B2 Cloud Storage and use their B2 Fireball data transfer service. He found the B2 Fireball easy to set-up and load, and once the data was loaded in the Backblaze B2 cloud, it was straight-forward to get his local storage synced with B2. In addition, the storage and access costs for B2 were 1/4th that of Amazon S3.
“WunderVu had been looking for a cloud solution for security and simplicity, and B2 hit every check box. All our projects are now securely in the cloud allowing us to incrementally add via upload and selectively restore when needed.”
– Aaron Rhodes
Executive Producer, WunderVu.

About Backblaze

Backblaze provides Cloud Backup and Cloud Storage solutions. B2 is a cloud storage solution that provides data storage at one-fourth the cost of leading cloud storage providers: $0.005/GB/ month for storage, free uploads, and $0.01/GB for downloads.
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Backblaze B2 Fireball

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