Backblaze Affiliate Overview

Award Winning Online Backup for Mac or PC

“Backblaze offers hassle-free unlimited online backup.”

Backblaze is one of the easiest online backup service - New York Times

Easy to try
Free 15-day trial
Easy to buy
Simple per computer pricing: $5/month, $50/1-year, $95/2-years
Easy to use
Unlimited space, unthrottled speed

How a referral works
When someone uses your Affiliate Link, their browser is "cookied" with your Affiliate ID. If they create an account and purchase Backblaze in the next 30 days you receive commission for that referral. Backblaze accounts can not have an Affiliate ID added or changed after-the-fact, so make sure your referrals use your Affiliate Link.

The Backblaze trial
Backblaze offers a free 15-day trial which is a great way to introduce your referrals to Backblaze. The trial is fully functional and during the trial they can restore any files they have backed up with Backblaze and access those files with any web browser or the Backblaze Mobile for iPhone app.

Converting a trial
Any time during the 15-day trial period a referral can purchase a monthly, 1-year or 2-year subscription to Backblaze. They can not extend the trial. If they do not purchase during the trial
period the trial ends and Backblaze deletes their data from our data center.
Commission on referrals
When your referral purchases a subscription to Backblaze you earn a commission which is added to your Affiliate account.

Commission on renewals
When a Backblaze customer you referred pays to renew their subscription, you automatically earn a commission which is added to your Affiliate account. There is nothing you have to do as Backblaze automatically reminds each customer to renew their subscription.

When you get paid
Commissions from referrals and renewals are stored in your Affiliate account and paid out via PayPal each month to those Affiliates who have an account balance of $100 or more.
Customer support
Customers, including those running a free trial, can go to to access our knowledge base and to contact Backblaze customer support if needed. If you are a VAR, MSP or a similar business, you can provide support to your customers or you can let Backblaze provide support - it's up to you.

Resellers, VARs, and MSPs
We have many successful resellers, retailers, VARs and MSPs in our Affiliate program. If you still have questions regarding our program simply fill out the Partner Contact Form on the Partner Page and choose the "Reseller" option and we'll follow up to answer your questions.

What happens when I join the program?
When you join the Backblaze Affiliate program you'll receive your Affiliate ID and Affiliate Link as well as access to additional information such as:
  • How to create a Backblaze Installer marked with your Affiliate ID.
  • Backblaze resources such as promotional graphics and images you can use.
  • Instructions on how to have your users land on other Backblaze web pages such as "How-it-works" or "Gift".
  • How to do a Backblaze for Business referral.
  • Ways to check to see if a prospect has used your Affiliate Link.
  • ...and more!
You'll also receive access to our Backblaze Affiliate Marketing team for any questions you have regarding the program and our quarterly Affiliate e-newsletter which includes tips and tricks, promotional materials, customer success stories and more.