Backblaze at NAB 2019

Booth #SL12416
April 8-11 2019
Las Vegas Convention Center

From Action! To Archive

Visit Backblaze at NAB and learn how the industry's most affordable cloud storage - B2 - can help you tell your story more efficiently, faster, and with flexibility you can't get with other cloud providers.

Create: Bring your story to life

Protect your content from loss starting at ingest and through work-in-process with seamless syncing to the cloud. Go one step further and improve team collaboration and increase content reuse by organizing your content with one of our MAM integrations. With B2, you can focus on creating content, not managing storage.

Distribute: Share your story with the world

Scale your content library instantly and indefinitely, pay only for the storage you're actually using, and avoid the hassle and expense of on-premises storage. With B2, everything in your content library can be served directly from your B2 account, or through our content delivery partners like Cloudflare.

Preserve: Make sure your story lives forever

Archive your content to the first cloud storage that's more afforable than LTO, and never worry about migrating to new media ever again. With B2, your content will remain accessible, anytime and anywhere, through a web browser, API calls, or one of our growing list of integrated applications.

Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage

High Performance Cloud Storage at 1/4 the Price.
per month
10+ Years of
Cloud Experience
Over an Exabyte stored
Under Management
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