Use 'Locate My Computer' to get it back!

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Recover Data

As an online backup service, Backblaze can recover all your backed up data automatically.

Map Your Computer

Backblaze maps your computer's location - updated hourly.

Identify the ISP

Backblaze will report the ISP your computer is using. This helps you or the police determine the location of your laptop.

Find Your IP Address

Backblaze reports the network address your computer is using. ISPs know the physical address of their IP addresses.

See Recent Backed up Files

Thief using your computer? Backblaze can show you photos, music, movies, or other files to help identify them.

Get it Back

Backblaze provides you the details the police can use to investigate and recover your stolen computer.


How can Backblaze recover my data or show me recently backed up files?
Backblaze is an online backup service that backs up all your data automatically over the Internet for $x per month with unlimited storage. At any moment you can access or restore any lost files.

How does Backblaze know where my computer is located?
If your computer uses WiFi, the Backblaze application can see the identifier of the WiFi networks available to the computer. Backblaze then cross-references the WiFi network identifier against a location database.

Can Backblaze always map my computer?
In order to map your computer, the Backblaze application needs to have been installed, running, and connected to the Internet. Also, your computer needs to have WiFi enabled and be close enough to a WiFi network for your computer to see it.

Where do I see all this information?
Simply sign-in to your account and click the Locate My Computer tab on the left.

Can I opt-out of having mapping data collected?
Yes, you can simply visit the Locate My Computer page and click “Turn Off” at the top of the page. This will turn off collection of WiFi access point data for all computers within your account.

Is my privacy protected?
Yes. If you have mapping turned on, the WiFi access point data will be encrypted on your computer, then sent over an encrypted connection, and stored encrypted. Furthermore, if you choose to use the Backblaze Private Key option, you will be prompted for your Private Key in order to access the map. (Please do not forget your Private Key! Without the Private Key, nobody on Earth can get your backed up data or your location information: not Backblaze, the US Government, or anyone else.)