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Get Backblaze workstation backup—it’s easy, unlimited, and affordable.

Supports seamless transitions, single pane management, and easy restores.


Backs up automatically to protect against data loss and ransomware.


Preserves budget at just $70/computer/year with flexible billing options.

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“All our clients are managed by MDM or Munki, so it was really easy for us just to push the uninstaller for CrashPlan and package the new installer for Backblaze for every client.”

Why Backblaze workstation backup?

Unlimited & Automatic

Lightweight Mac and PC clients back up all user data by default and are Java-free for stability—no system slowdowns or crashes.

Easy Admin & Restore

Transition in a few steps then easily manage and deploy at scale via a centralized console, with multiple restore options.

Affordable & Predictable

Added protection for just $70/ computer, with no surprise charges, plus monthly, yearly, or 2-year billing flexibility to suit your needs.

Price Comparison

Save 30% or more with Backblaze workstation backup
Provider Pricing Data Coverage
backblaze logo $70
Per Year Per Computer
crashplan logo $120
Per Year Per Computer
carbonite logo $149.99
Per Year Per Computer
idrive logo $74.62
First Year For 5 Computers, 5 Users
($99.50 After First Year)