Protect your customers. Build trust. Get paid.

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Protect your customers. Get paid.

Partner with Backblaze and work with us as an Affiliate or Reseller. We have designed our Partner Program to be just like our backup product: Easy! The application on this page can be completed in less than a minute and immediately after submitting the form you'll get a welcome email with all the resources and information you need to get started today! Backblaze protects your customers with unlimited backup for just $x a month. When you recommend and resell Backblaze you'll build trust with your customers while developing a recurring revenue stream.

We welcome partnership of all sizes.

We have thousands of MSPs, IT consultants, retailers and affiliates working with us today providing backup to both residential and business customers. We give you a great product to recommend and resell but we'll never give you a quota. Whether you're a one-man shop in Modesto or a mega-MSP in Manhattan, you get the same benefits of the program:

  • MSP-friendly admin console that provides, alerts, account details and ability to manage customers by groups.
  • 10% commission for affiliates and resellers
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Digital assets, training materials, data sheets and other great resources
  • Support provided by our team in California
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Use the form on this page to register as an Affiliate Partner by selecting AFFILIATE in the drop-down menu and you'll receive an email with your Affiliate Link.

Use your link in newsletters, on your website and on social media and get paid for referrals. When your affiliate link is clicked the user's browser is "cookied" with your Affiliate ID. If the user then installs and purchases Backblaze Personal Backup in the next 30 days you receive a 10% commission for that referral. Backblaze accounts can not have an Affiliate ID added or changed after-the-fact, so make sure your referrals use your Affiliate Link. As a Backblaze Partner, once you reach $100 in commissions you’ll earn 10% commission on the lifetime value of the customer. Start earning today as a Reseller and/or Affiliate! Affiliate commissions are only earned for Backblaze Backup sales and are not received for B2 sales.

More information on our affiliate program can be found here. Check out the Affiliate FAQ


Use the form on this page to register as a Backblaze Reseller by selecting RESELLER in the drop-down menu. To finalize the registration process and receive commissions, please follow the instructions provided in the follow-up email. Note: You will still need to create a Backblaze account in order to log in.

Backblaze Business Groups is how MSPs, IT consultants and computer repair shops provide Backblaze to both their business and residential customers. Groups will allow you to centrally manage and pay for all of your customers. With Groups, both you and your customer can access the data. You decide what the access privileges will be when you create the group. Groups will provide you with:

An MSP-friendly Admin console which provides, alerts, account details and the ability to manage customers by groups.

Ability for both you and your customers to manage restores and backups.

Automated monthly or annual credit card billing with no minimum purchase requirements.

Server & NAS Backup

B2 is our cloud storage solution that allows you to manage data on Servers and NAS. B2 is similar to other object storage systems like Amazon S3 but is much more affordable! We don't provide additional discounting or referral fees to partners who utilize B2 but it's only $5/month to store a TB of data on B2! B2 gives you a great opportunity to boost your bottom line when you mark up it and resell to your customers. Get started with B2 by signing up here.

Why Backblaze

Easy Registration

The process is simple - just fill out the form above and we'll send you all the information you need to get started!

10% Commission on Referrals and Renewals

You will continue receiving 10% for the lifetime value of the customer, so as long as they remain, you'll be remitted 10% of their value.


We've got all the resources you need like banner ads, logos, and datasheets. We also have email support for any questions.