Backblaze is a world leader in computer backup and cloud storage.

In 2007 we began Backblaze to backup our friends' computers online. We had a mission to make backup software elegant and provide complete peace of mind. Today we have expanded to protect business and offer our B2 Cloud Storage to developers and IT.

Personal Backup

Never lose a file again. Backup an unlimited amount of data. Unlimited bandwidth. Unlimited file size. You can download a free restore or have a USB hard drive or USB key Fedex to you. Backblaze is just $x/month.

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Business Backup

The same award winning backup service is available to business for the price of $x/year/computer. Unlimited Data. No throttling. Backup all your companies laptop and desktop computers to the cloud.

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B2 Cloud Storage

Developers and IT people can now build their own cloud storage solutions with Backblaze. Using our storage pods you can build applications, host content or build your very own backup service on B2. Backblaze offers a huge discount over other cloud providers at $0.005/GB/Month for storage.

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Backblaze Timeline

Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage now supports S3 API making it easier to develop solutions.

May 2020

Backblaze has over an Exabyte of stored customer data.

March 2020

Backblaze releases 6.0 Backup Client. Larger. Longer. Faster. Better.

January 2019

Backblaze crosses over 10 million blog readers.

January 2018

Backblaze announces over 400 PB of data stored.

October 2017

Backblaze for Business allows organizations to create groups & backup all their data.

January 2017

B2 Cloud Storage is released to allow developers to build their own storage solutions.

January 2015

We hit 100 Petabytes of storage with over 30,000 hard drives.

June 2014

Our main datacenter is moved to Sungard Sacramento

November 2012

We are shipping a USB hard drive restore nearly every day.

August 2010

We open source our Backblaze storage pod design and price list on our blog. Later we follow it up with updated designs: v2, v3, v4, v5, v6

September 2009

Building our first 45 drive red storage pod. It's just missing a power button hole.

December 2008

Launch Day! Version of Backblaze Backup goes public beta.

June 2008

We start Backblaze to backup our friends & family's computers. Working in an apartment the five founders quit their jobs to begin.

April 2007

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