Data Is the Digital World’s Most Precious Resource

Our mission is to make storing and using data astonishingly easy.

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Founders Story

After working together for 20 years and successfully building two companies, the seven co-founders launched Backblaze with a vision: to create a business that’s equally fair and good for its customers, partners, employees, investors, and the greater community. It all started with our founders in a one-bedroom Palo Alto apartment... Read the Full Story


From day one, the Backblaze founders brought our values to life, which has shaped the company and our staff.

Fair & Good

Be good. Trust is paramount. Build a good product. Charge fairly. Be open, honest, and accepting with customers and each other.

Sustainable Business

Build for long-term success. Be rationally frugal. Invest responsibly. Keep profitability in mind, and build at a sustainable pace.

Focus on Easy

Think hard how to make things easy. Take extra time to achieve simplicity, minimize friction, and reduce complexity.

Open Communication

Default to sharing unless there is a strong reason not to. Transparency builds trust and establishes leadership.

Cleverly Unconventional

Refuse to take history or habit to mean something is "right." Consider novel solutions unrestricted by conventional wisdom.

2,280,426,850,155,030,000 bytes

Exabytes of data storage under management, and counting.

Nearly 500K Customers in 175 Countries

We launched Backblaze 14 years ago because we understood the value of data, and recognized that protecting and using it was too complex and too expensive. Today, the Backblaze Storage Cloud provides a foundational platform around the world for a broad community of developers, IT generalists, entrepreneurs, and individuals who seek the easy, affordable, trusted solutions we provide.

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About Us Easy


Storing and using data shouldn’t be hard. Our Storage Cloud manages complexity so you can focus on what's important.
About Us Trusted


More than 500,000 customers trust our decade of experience and track record as a neutral provider of storage. We welcome partners and won’t compete with customers.
About Us Affordable


Our innovative software eliminates complex tiers, excessive fees, and lock-in, all at a fraction the price of others—freeing you to store and use data as needed.


The Backblaze Leadership Team brings a dedicated group of founders together with talented security, technology, and business experts to champion the company as we continue to grow.

The Backblaze Leadership Team

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Home in Silicon Valley

We’re a global company with headquarters in San Mateo, and additional locations in California, Arizona, and in the Netherlands—serving nearly 500K customers in 175 countries around the world.

Join the Mission

We’re growing fast! We’ve built a culture where we care about each other, our work, and our products, and we have fun doing it.

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