Optimize Media Management With Backblaze & Backlight iconik

Capture, edit, manage, collaborate, and safeguard your precious content.

Cloud Media Workflows: Flexible, Predictable and Secure

The cloud is changing the media workflows of the past and here is why. Flexibility for collaboration, predictable costs, and increased security and management. This is becoming all the more important as videos are no longer just the domain of large broadcasters. Video has become the most popular format for delivering all types of content. The iconik & Backblaze integration provides a frictionless user experience to manage, share, and archive projects. Backlight iconik is a powerful cloud-based media asset management (MAM) tool that allows you to completely manage assets stored in your B2 Cloud Storage account through a web browser.

Create, Store, Manage, and Access Your Content

Empower creative professionals to focus on what they do best—creating compelling content powered by seamless cloud storage integration.

Cloud-Based Collaboration

Organize, manage, and collaborate on media using centralized cloud storage in Backblaze B2.

Plug-n-Play Creative Workflows 

Point your application to Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage.

Predictable Cost With 3x Egress

A fraction of the cost of AWS S3. No complicated pricing tiers. 

Active Archive

Files are instantly accessible—no nearline, offline, or tape delays.

Optimize Your Video Editing Workflow in Minutes With Backblaze and Backlight iconik

In just a couple of minutes, you’ll see how easy it is to set up Backlight iconik and Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage to improve your video editing efficiency.

End to End Digital Workflows Built in the Cloud.

Setting Up Backlight iconik and Backblaze for Media Workflows

In just five easy steps, you’ll be all set to point media files to Backblaze, and enjoy astonishingly easy B2 Cloud Storage for your content. See more in our Getting Started Guide.

  • Enable Backblaze B2 in Backlight iconik.
    Sign into your Backblaze account or sign up. 
  • In your Backblaze account, create a Bucket.
  • Create an App Key. 
  • In Backlight iconik, configure to Add a Storage Type.
    Create a New Storage Type, select Backblaze B2 and enter your App Key. 
  • Index your existing archive or upload your new content set via the UI letting it create proxies while storing raw files in Backblaze B2. 
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Backblaze gives us peace of mind knowing that we have reliable, scalable file storage during the post-production rush at a big event.

Post-Production Supervisor, Esports Event Production Company

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