Check Your Home Bandwidth

This bandwidth test is intended for Personal Backup for home users and is for informational purposes. It is not intended to represent actual speeds to the Backblaze Business Backup or B2 Cloud Storage services.

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Unthrottled Backups

Backblaze provides completely unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth, enabling you to backup as fast as your internet connection permits.


Automatic Throttle & Threading

Use the internet bandwidth you have most efficiently. Switching between fast and slow connections? Backblaze automatically adjusts the speed of backups.

Manual Throttle

Turning Automatic Throttle off enables the Manual Throttle slider, allowing you to set how much of your internet bandwidth to use for backups. Move the slider:

  • To the left ("Faster Network") to use less of your bandwidth and backup slower.
  • To the right ("Faster Backups") to use more of your bandwidth and backup faster.
  • All the way to the right to use all of your bandwidth, no matter how much you have.

Note: The maximum bandwidth you can use will always be limited by the speed of your actual upstream internet connection.

Manual Threading

Selecting Manual Threading will allow you to select how many threads you wish Backblaze to use when backing up. The more threads you use the more resources Backblaze will use to back up your data more quickly.

Note: If you have limited bandwidth, selecting more threads may have the opposite affect as the bandwidth may become saturated resulting in slower uploads. For most users, the automatic settings will be sufficient.