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How do you recover your data if your external drive fails? Backblaze makes it easy.

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Whether your data is on your computer or on an external hard drive, with Backblaze you can:

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Restore a file, folder, or all your backed up files from any web browser for free.

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Access your files through the Backblaze iPhone or Android apps.

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Recover your files by having a hard drive or flash drive sent to you via FedEx.

Why Backing Up to an External Hard Drive Isn’t Enough

Any backup is better than no backup. And backing up to an external hard drive is a good start. However, there are several problems with only backing up to an external hard drive:

  • Your computer and external hard drive are in the same place—which means they are both susceptible to the same fire, flood, theft, and similar risks.
  • You have to remember to connect and back up new data to your external hard drive.
  • If you are away from your external hard drive, you cannot back up new files and you cannot access files that need to be recovered.

How to Back Up an External Hard Drive

Backblaze automatically backs up all external hard drives that are directly connected when Backblaze is installed on your computer—there is no need to pick folders or files. To install Backblaze simply:

  • Sign Up
    Create a free trial account.
  • Download the Backblaze Backup App
    Select either our Windows or Mac app.
  • Install
    Backblaze will automatically backup any external drives that are attached to your computer.
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What kind of drives can be backed up?

All external hard drives can be backed up as long as they are connected directly to the computer. Specifically:

  • USB hard drives
  • Firewire hard drives
  • Thunderbolt hard drives

Note: You cannot back up a network attached storage (NAS) device using our computer backup service, but we support NAS Backup with our B2 Cloud Storage product.

Can I really backup an unlimited amount of data?

Yes. Whether you have 10GB, 100GB, 1000GB, or 10,000GB...it still costs just $7 per month per computer.

Can I backup more than one external hard drive?

Yes. You can backup multiple external hard drives, attached to a single computer. There is no additional cost.

Version Pricing History

Every Backblaze Computer Backup account comes with 30 days of Version History with the option to enable One Year Extended Version History for free. If you need more than one year worth of data history protection, you can upgrade to Forever for even more peace of mind.

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30 days

Included with Backblaze

You can restore older versions or deleted files for 30 days.

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1 year

Enable for free

You can restore older versions or deleted files for one year.

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$0.006/GB per month for files older than one year

Restore old versions or deleted files forever.

External Drive Backup

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