Version History

By default, Backblaze saves any old versions or deleted files for 30 days. Now you can extend that version history to 1-Year or Forever for an additional fee.

Add Extended Version History
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Version History

Changing, updating, editing, or deleting a file without changing the name can create versions of a file. Version History allows you to recover previous versions of your data.

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External Hard Drives

Plug in your external drives once and we will back them up forever.

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For Business Backup

Version History can be changed by the Admin for the entire organization.

Sign in as Admin to view Group Settings.
Backblaze Version History Options Add Extended Version History

Version History Pricing


Included with Backblaze you can restore older versions or deleted files for 30 days.

Additional $2/Month

Restore old versions or deleted files that are up to 1-year old.

Additional $2/Month plus $0.005/GB/Month for files older than 1 year

Restore old versions or deleted files forever. To learn more about Forever Version History pricing check out our FAQ.

Go Back In Time and Recover Data

Roll back time and recover old versions or deleted files.
Choose your Version History: 30 Days, 1-Year, or Forever.

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