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Ed Green has seen a big increase in the number of attacks on IT resources in recent years. Those attacks include phishing exploits, spam, and malicious scripts trying to enter the workplace through email, downloads, and direct attacks on servers. That’s why Ed added Backblaze Backup for Business to keep data secure at Roush Auto Group where he’s IT Director.

Over a year ago Ed started looking for a cloud-based backup solution that would provide additional security beyond just on-site backups. Local backups have been a standard part of Roush’s IT and business contingency strategy for a while, but Ed wanted to add backups to the cloud, as well. Cloud backups provide that extra peace-of-mind that comes with knowing that even if something happened to the on-site systems, the cloud backups would help them get back to work as soon as possible.
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The Roush Auto Group includes Roush Honda in Westerville, Ohio and Roush Ford in Hillard, Ohio. Roush Honda started in 1965 as a family business and later became 100% employee owned. It’s now one of the Midwest’s largest volume Honda dealerships. Roush Ford was added in January of 2017.
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“The Groups management feature is easy to use, and I can quickly see how many licenses we have allocated and how many remain. The backups themselves are easy to manage. In fact, they pretty much take care of themselves. It’s all done automatically.”

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It’s not just online phishing and malware that concerns him. It’s those unexpected events that come when you’re least expecting them. Ed recalls the time that a water sprinkler line broke and soaked the desktop computers in their office.

“That was definitely unexpected,” said Ed. “Events like that are the reason we do backups. You don’t know when something like that is going to happen. When it does, you’re glad you planned ahead.”

There was another time that a VBS script downloaded a virus that infected computer systems. Other than that, they’ve had the usual hard drive failures and lost computers. Backup just makes sense for any business that doesn’t want to get shut down when bad things happen.

Ed did a lot of research investigating what the best solution would be for cloud backups. He wanted something that was easy to use, with set-it-and-forget-it features and reliability. He sat down with Roush’s CFO and after their confab, low-cost was added to the list of requirements.
With 350 employees and plans to hire more people at Roush Auto Group, Ed believes he’ll be adding more Backblaze backup licenses, likely doubling in the next quarter. He uses the Groups features of Backblaze for Business to administer users and make sure that computers are backed up. He can perform restores on any machine and even install Backblaze remotely on new Macs and Windows for the company.

Ed also likes the user interface of Backblaze for Business. “It’s clear and easy to use,” he says.
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“Backblaze Backup for Business is a very, very convenient and effective tool for us. Backblaze covers our entire spectrum of needs for business backup.”

About Backblaze for Business

Backblaze for Business is automatic, unlimited, and secure cloud backup for laptop and desktop client systems in small and medium sized businesses. Costing as little as $x per year per computer for unlimited storage, Backblaze for Business provides a set-and-forget backup solution for users combined with flexible features for administrators such as Business Groups to simplify billing and user management.