Managing a Remote Workforce

While Backblaze has customers all around the globe, the company itself is a pretty small enterprise with just over 50 employees. Many of those employees are actually remote. 75% of Backblaze employees work from the main Backblaze office (San Mateo), 15% are datacenter employees, and 10% working remotely full-time. Many companies that were the pioneers….

Steel To Tin: The First 10 Years of Backblaze

Today Backblaze celebrates turning 10 years old. Tin is the traditional gift for a ten year wedding anniversary: a sign of strength and flexibility. Getting to this point took not only the steel to make the servers, but tin as well. How things have changed: 2007 2017 Team Five Founders in a Palo Alto apartment….

Backblaze Begins: Celebrating A Very Special Anniversary

2017 is a milestone year for us at Backblaze: This year is our tenth anniversary. Our official birthday – based on our papers of incorporation – places that date in April. But January 15th was another important date: It’s when the work on what would become Backblaze first started in earnest. Brian Wilson, our intrepid….

Mixergy Interviews Backblaze CEO

Backblaze CEO Talks Entrepreneurship with Mixergy

Recently our fearless leader Gleb did an interview with Andrew Warner for Mixergy! The topic was entrepreneurship and launching a company without venture capital. The interview is about an hour and a half long, but we decided to write up a bit of a TL/DR version along with some key takeaways and time stamps. You….

Know Before You Go: Reshoring Manufacturing Services Back to the U.S.

Reshoring is a hot topic these days. How hot? Consider the following: According to some estimates, U.S.-based companies anticipate reshoring 20 percent of their manufacturing capacity within the next five to seven years. (Source: Reshoring Institute) In a recent study conducted by Boston Consulting Group, it was found that 54% of all U.S. companies with….

Don’t Build a Billion-Dollar Business. Really.

The better goal? Keep your head down, make a great product, and build a successful business. Silicon Valley prays at the altar of the billion-dollar business. And for good reason: These companies define industries, give the founders so-called “F-you money,” and provide VCs with a return that can counterbalance a dozen lousy investments. I don’t….